Thursday, March 27, 2008

an all-Lumiere EOTN...

despite my derma's advice of resting my face, specifically my eye area, from makeup and being a sutil (hard-headed) biatch, i still wore makeup yesterday.

result: i'm absent from work today.


nahh...i'm just being lazy, that's all!


okay, undereyes are all sore today and itching like crazy. So i was advised to take some medicines and apply a topical cream under my eyes. And well, the medicine made me feel more lazy than i already am so i decided to just stay at home :P

anyways, here's my EOTN yesterday wearing another HG-material when it comes to eyeshadows...and oh, on foundations too!

used: Smashbox Brow kit in Dark, UDPP, Soft Fuschia e/s topped with Multipurpose Chameleon on the entire lid just above the crease, Twilight Green e/s on the outer-V and on the crease, Halo under the browbones topped with Multipurpose Chameleon, L'oreal Lash Architect mascara in Black and Shu Uemura pro concealer topped with OM Saffron concealer on the undereyes

to give you an idea how bad it really looked this morning after my shift:

see how dry my undereyes are? the concealers are all cakey and dry... :(

they are kinda swelling too...see?

sorry for the marks on my nose, i hate the eyeglasses i wear in the office. actually, all eyeglasses do these to me. They're not that tight on me though...

i really look tired and haggard in this pic...i feel so damn ugly and old. :(

oh's a lot better now (i think) and hopefully the little red bumps will go away too. I am putting on SYNALAR cream on my undereye area, and it makes me feel like i have diaper rash on my face since i remember my mom applying this cream on my younger sister when she was still a baby.

eye area = diaper rash...ewww!

we still have no idea what caused this, since i've been using all the same makeup and eye cream and this is the first time that this happened to me. i had to stop my other vitamins and health-supplements, hoping to isolate the problem...and i've been hearing that some medicines actually cause some swelling and allergic reactions. i am actually freaking out since i feel like i have a sore throat too. geesh, wth is happening to me?

so a word of advice to my fellow what your doctors tell you!



AskMeWhats said...

hey sis, get well! I know how bad it is to have allergies :( take care ok? don't be "sutil" anymore! hehehe

Liz said...

get well soon! hwag masyado matigas ulo. hehe. take good care of yourself! :-)

Unknown said...

heheh thanks sisters..okie, i'll be less sutil from now on. or just until my undereyes go back to normal =P

Unknown said...

check out =)

Anonymous said...

Hi! I like your eye make-up, do you foil the eyeshadows when you apply them? Thanks!

Unknown said...

hi jen b..nope, i rarely foil them because i suck in foiling heheh...i apply them dry and yet the colors really pop out.

Shen said...

this eotd is sooo cool. :)

i don't know how you do this.. dapat tlga mag teach ka na in actual! :)

hope you get well soon. :)

Unknown said...

sis shen, naku ako magtuturo? waaahhh hirap ata nun. mabubuko mga kapalpakan ko. LOLz

thanks sis..

Vanessa said...

So cute! Ang ganda ganda ikaw! hehe :)

sab said...

aww. it doesn't look bad from the pictures, but i hope you feel fine now. we all usually ignore doctors' orders, and would often test the waters and stretch the limits. haha.

Shen said...

you got tagged!

Anonymous said...

napadaan lang po....
i like the way you did on that dark color with pink chuva..

had my first mineral make-up set..hhmm well, not that much satisfied..i might try to check your brand ..any suggestion for foundation & concealer? dami ko pang dark spots eh..hehehe..

lastly, sana pag-uwi ko may libreng make-up training ..ECHOS!..lab yah jheng ..hehehe

so inggit with those brushes...will definitely include in my next shop list..


Unknown said...

haluu annielyn! (hugs)

musta na ang magandang preggy jan? anong brand ginamit mo? bulong mo s akin bilis! (hehehe)

you might wanna try out lumiere and dreamworld for foundation..for concealer, hmmm mmu and non-mmu kasi gamit ko, pero pag okay kasi ang foundation na gamit mo you can just spot-conceal using the foundation na lang. pero kung sa undereyes, you would need a yellow concealer for that. Oceanmist's saffron is good!

i visited your blog...ang galing mo ha. kaso nadugo ilong ko sa english eh, ang lalalim. hahaha...tsaka seryoso ang blog mo, hanggang landian lang ako. wehehe ingat palagi jan. keep in touch!

Anonymous said...

aww, i hope you're feeling better now. makeup can be therapeutic for girls like us but when the doctors says it not, better listen lol. i loved how you contoured your pink e/s with a darker one, i've yet to be at ease with that technique lol.

Anonymous said...

i just recently purchased my first mineral make-up it from Sheer Cover..hindi naman sa gusto si Alyssa Milano..hehehe..medyo naingganyo lang ako with their commercial.. sad to say, di ko nakuha yung tamang shade for my concealer..
for the meantime im using my old Maybelline dream matte foundation as my concealer..hhmm..nakakaloka..anyway, basta for dark spots..then saka ko pinapatungan ng mineral foundation from SC..

i really want to try this mineral make-up chuva..kaya nagtitingin tingin ako ng mga brands..

abangan ko mga reviews mo girl..hehehe

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