Saturday, March 15, 2008

and just when i am on a strict diet....

right after work, i went straight to the bus station to go home. I usually go home every two weeks...i wish i can go home more often though.
so anyways, for the entire week of just eating wheat sandwiches, fruits, yoghurt and other "diet" foods...look what i've found at home:

oh myyyy! my ultimate comfort food (though i get constipated, after...LOL) cinnamon rolls from CINNABON! arrrrghhh....i just can't say NO!

(salivating) can you say NO to this? I CAN'T!

hahaha....look how happy i am! naaah, i didn't eat all 9! :P
and yep, i'm still wearing my friday night's makeup...LOL


Liz said...

this post made me hungry! haha!

Unknown said... too. i miss cinnabon.. :(

Liz said...

i visited your blog earlier today, and i saw this post again. the next thing i knew i was craving for sweets so badly. 'yun, i ended up eating chocolate and coffee eclairs + chocolate chip gelato. huhuhuhu! i'm on a diet and it's ruined! it's your fault. *sniff*


just kidding..

but i really did eat the stuff i mentioned. gotta work out the next coming days. :-(

Unknown said...

sis liz, you don't need to work are so fit!

Anonymous said...

love cinnabon:).. it will be an honor if u link me up to ur site.. thanks

i♥pinkc00kies said...

i looooove cinnabon too!! sinfully delicious rolls... :P

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