Monday, March 10, 2008

another sunday loot...

i confess that my most effective stress buster is to go shopping...but i also resort to it when i'm uberly happy or just wanted to reward myself for something great that i've accomplished. (hmm...i am actually thinking which of the two actually made me go gaga yesterday)

well, do we really need a reason to go shopping? :D

i am so happy with my loot yesterday that i almost forgot that i just recovered from flu and that my number 1 NY resolution is to SAVE! (oh well...i am not really good in keeping my NY resolutions, anyway. tee-hee)

my TFS loot:

makeup brush holder, acetone, Quick and Clean Blemish Balm, Dual Tip Shadow Sponges, Fake eyelashes, Baked Shimmer All-Over Illuminator in Pink Nuance and Color Shimmer Lipstick in BR802

a closer look of my TFS makeup goodies:

now the makeup brush holder:

neat, huh!?

now, my TBS loot:

white musk body spray, white musk blush body spray, lightening touch concealer in 03, pink glow enhancer in pink, blushing daisies, shimmer buds e/s in golden dandelion and green nettle and a blusher brush.

a closer look of my "Spring collection" loot from TBS:

another set of goodies from MAC
(uh-oh...i am beginning to get addicted. but i think im gonna take it slow...hehehe)

MAC blush in DollyMix and the 219 brush.

I was actually thinking of getting the brush sets...but the basic set includes a powder brush, an angle brush and a lipbrush when i just need the 239 and the 219. so i decided to get the long-handled 219 brush first...maybe next week i'm going back to get a 239 (wink wink)

some abubots from Girlshoppe:

i wanna feel young (if i can't look young) so i got myself this cute headband...and oh, i just can't say NO to the cute ring as well.

and lastly, a new pair of shoes from SO FAB:

i am not really into shoes, most esp those really expensive ones. but i love buying a few pairs sometimes, but none of them would cost more than P2000. I just find this pair cute and i am not fond of wearing girly sandals. i am more into boots or anything that won't show my toes so i got this one. besides, it's just cheap...P799!


Liz said...

OMG! I luuuuv the shoes! shopping galore na naman. kakainggit. wala akong freedom these days na gawin 'yan.

and darn?!? how come TFS outlets here in SG don't have makeup brush holder? :-(

Unknown said...

wow, im glad u like the shoes too. actually i think it makes my feet look maliit..pero i dont care,sanay na ako sa mga weird looking na damit or shoes or makeup. hahaha

talga, walang brush holder jan? dito i got it for 750 ata or less.

AskMeWhats said...

Wow! another big haul!!! kakainggit!!!! Nice shoes! Hindi ko ma carry yon, kc I've got weak legs haaay

Anonymous said...

wow talk about indulging! good for you! am personally taming myself from getting any more kikay stuff, be it makeup or fashion items lol!

Anonymous said...

love your loot. esp yung from the face shop =) by the way, saang mac store ka bumili sis? if ever man na sa glorietta, meron pa kaya sila nung brush set na for the eyes? =) thanks alot!

Unknown said...

sis mija, yep sa glorietta po. and yep they still have the brush set for the eyes :)

Anonymous said...

same here. i prefer closed shoes (ie boots, pumps, closed flat shoes). sometimes i buy a little peep toe pair here-and-there, but that's it only a sneak peak of my toes. haha!;) love your blog. very informative and you're soooo kikay! but don't worry everything looks gorgeous on you.;)

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