Sunday, March 2, 2008

as promised...

here's what i have inside that air21 packet i picked up (not on purpose, really!) that my aunt sent me last week:
1) a package from Lumiere (one down, one to go!)
that contains:

some sample e/s (what else!) and a retractable blush brush and a few blush samples as freebies

i love the colors! i got samples of peppermint patti, mint chocolate chip, moody, thistle, etc. (will try to post swatches later). i've read great reviews about the quality of their e/s and they are indeed highly pigmented, long lasting and texture is really nice and glides on smoothly. i am surely going to get full-sized pots of some of these eye pigments but i'll wait for my second package from them first which contains full pots of one of my HG mmu foundation (Natural Light Medium in Cashmere) and again, samples of their e/s. :)

i also got some blushes, and like the e/s i've read great reviews about it as well. as for the retractable blush brush, i noticed a slight dent on its case (hmp) and i dunno if its just me or what but i think the bristles are kinda hard and the quality of the brush is not that good. honestly, for Php120++ (or $3 which i paid for the blush brush) i could've gotten a cheaper brush with higher quality in Landmark. I remember having one from Paganini and the brush is softer and more dense than Lumiere's. But well, for it's price as compared to the price of their other synthetic brushes, i am not gonna complain.

Lumiere's retractable blush brush

2) package from MAD (this is my 4th, i think)

what's inside:

my 2-Mega sampler sets of their multipurpose minerals, some foundie samples (loose and liquid) and a multipurpose pigment as freebie:

swatches of their liquid foundation (again, sorry for being stupid in taking swatches...hehehe)

i got the 2 lightest shades. i was able to try the lightest (right side) earlier and i didn't like it...i dunno but i found it hard to blend or maybe my skin was just breaking out or it didn't work well my Obagi sunblock. hmm...i just want to have a mineral liquid foundation for days that i am in a hurry. oh well...i gotta try it again once of these days and give you a better (hopefully) review. I just love MAD multipurpose pigments that's why i now have more or less 70 shades. :)

hmm...i am waiting for 5 more packages...and one BIG package as well. (sighs) i just hate waiting... :P


Liz said...


inggit ako!!!!


Anonymous said...

ang dami... waaaaaaah....

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