Saturday, March 22, 2008

been a while..

it's been a while since i last posted...i dunno, it's as if i just lost interest in makeup :( or maybe, my "kaartehan" just went on vacation in time for the LENT season...maybe it's my way of "sacrifice?" or maybe, i'm just being plain lazy...ehhehe
anyways, i got another package from JOPPA last week. dang, i'm still waiting for 4 more packages and this is all i've got in a week? i haven't been ordering online for almost 2 weeks now...hmmm, now that's something else!

i am not really happy with my joppa loot...and it's simply because i got the wrong shades :( i can't seem to find my shade with this closest would be "Prairie Wheat" but it's in the radiance formulation and i don't really like shimmery foundation on me. I haven't tried the samples in Medium Lights but just from looking at them, i know i wasn't able to get a match.

I do love the Finishing Silks though, the "Rosey" can actually be used as a blush for a hint of flush. As for the Concealers, i haven't tried them too...(i am way too lazy!)

Hay...what's wrong with me? :(

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