Monday, March 3, 2008

cleaning my e/s brushes...

by now, you would've noticed that i've been wearing eye makeup everyday. and there were some who asked me if i do have a lot of e/s brushes...i do have quite a lot (but not those really branded ones!) but i only get to use a few. Maybe i just got used to them that i like to use them everyday than try using my other brushes. so how do i get my e/s brushes clean, then? and how often do i clean them?

i would say everyday...right before i use them. and how to i clean my e/s brushes?

here's how:

1) i use a brush cleaner i got from Beauty Bar:

price: Php 595.00

2) i get my dirty (used) e/s brush. this one is an e/s brush from Watercolors:

3. I spritz the brush with the brush cleaner:

4) then wipe the e/s brush dry with a tissue

5) Then i lay them flat somewhere while i blow dry my hair. Actually, right after you wipe them dry with a tissue, they are ready to use. It dries fast and like what i've mentioned earlier, it smells great too.

Of course, for the other brushes, i do it differently. I can't imagine doing this with my kabuki brushes...hehehe..

so there, brush cleaning 101. Remember: clean your brushes before using them or right after using them and let them air-dry. This way, you can avoid molds and bacteria and your brushes (cheap or high-branded ones will be of your service longer. ;)


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