Friday, March 7, 2008

here comes my jlynne loot...

i wasn't feeling well last night due to a slight fever (and maybe because i overdosed on shopping the other day) so when i heard somebody knocking at my door around 10AM, i was like "what the eff...didnt i tell them not to disturb me!?"

anyways, my face immediately lit up when i saw 2 packets of air21 being handed to me by the guard and said, "ma'am i know i wasnt supposed to wake you up this early but i can't leave this packets for you downstairs, they might get lost." to which i giddily replied, "anytime po, as long as they are packages from me..."


and like an excited child who just got her birthday present (hey, i always get packages anyways right!? so why am this excited???) i immediately ripped off the packaging and saw a box. "i am sure this came from JLYNNE..." and boy, i was right. 'twas my second time to order from her and she never fails to amuse me with how she package her items. i can say that she's one meticulous lady who wants all her clients to feel special.

so take a look at my JLYNNE loot:

see how intricately packaged they are?

for this loot, again, i got myself samples of her eyeshadow collections:

original multidimensions

without flash

with flash

Satin Pearls Coffeehouse collection

without flash

with flash

Satin Peals Japanese Garden collection:

without flash

with flash

i also got myself their Smooth color lipcream in Sophia:

and again here's my entire JLYNNE loot:

i love their Customer Service as well as their products!

note: i will be posting swatches of my jlynne collection soon...


Christiana Divine @ Memoirs of A Shopping Addict said...

the packaging is nice and WOW! that is a GREAT haul. LOL. it's been ages since i've had a nice haul like that. LOL. :P

Unknown said...

yep, the packaging is really nice. i love jlynne...she's really meticulous and her CS is so great!

im still waiting for my other loots...i am just into eyeshadows right now, i just cant seem to get enough of them!

AskMeWhats said...

Grabe, bilib ako sa tiyaga niya!!! Super cute packaging, looks like a gifts!!!! Parang christmas all over again :)

Unknown said...

sis askmewhats, yep ganyan ang packaging nya and she always send them in a box. well in my case laging nakabox naman.

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