Tuesday, March 4, 2008

kikay kit galore!

and because i got tired of my white shiseido kikay kit, i got myself a new one...err, three :D

looks like an ordinary kikay kit, huh?

na-ah... look:

see the brush pockets at the lower left side? now, i can bring my brushes without having to bring a separate pouch! there's also a small pocket (upper right) where i can put other stuffs.

wanna see more?

yep, these pouches are detachable! pretty, neat...huh!?

aren't they cute?

want one? or three, perhaps?

get these cute and screaming of kikayness pouches from MIXMI. More designs and more kinds of bags available at affordable prices!


AskMeWhats said...

I don't mind sis! I added you way back pa! hehehe I did tell you that i added you right? If not...sniff sorry hehehe

I LOVE your EOTD/EOTN :) keep up!

Unknown said...

hehehe ok lang sis...natutuwa nga ako magbasa ng site mo kagabi sa work (lol) at least may mga useful reviews ka, ako e puro kalandian ko...swapang eh no? lol

dami ko gusto review-hin pero nde ko naman magawa..ehehhe

thanks sis...kaw din post kaw eotds/fotds ha. ingatz!

AskMeWhats said...

ay sis! ikaw ang magaling mag post ng EOTDs/FOTDs, ako super tamad! hahahha magaling ako sa review, dahil daldalera ako at pakialamera! hahaha

So, we are a tag team! hahah I'll try some EOTDs/fotds in the future :)

Keep up, I really do enjoy it! and bilib ako pramis sa mga Hauls mo!!!! I will go crazy with all the eye colors you have!!! KIKAY ROCKS!

AskMeWhats said...

AT P.S. ok lang sa "kalandian" ako, simpleng kalandian! hahahah

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