Saturday, March 8, 2008

Modelco Beauty Fix Airbrush Spray (a review)

for years now, i've been using EVIAN spray mist not to set my makeup but to refresh my was not until last year when i got introduced to mineral makeup that i found another use for my beloved spray. Evian provides me with a dewy finish and keeps me refreshed and moisturised most esp. at times when it's so hot. And because of that i always make sure that i have a bottle of it with me in my bag all the time (i even have a humongous tin can at home!). But i need something that will not just set my makeup but hmm..let's say lock it in my face as well. yep, i am that desperate! my skin is so oily that i would need to blot and retouch from time to time. i read that Sally Hansen has this kind of product, i tried to look for it here in Manila but i didnt succeed.

so last week, i dropped by Beauty Bar to get another tube of my lip and eye primer from Smashbox (though i only use the "lip" end of the tube) and i was browsing thru the Modelco products when the words "Beauty Fix Airbrush Spray" made me have a second look at that small tin can and thinking that it might be like that of Sally Hansen's, i immediately grabbed it. LOL

Model Co Beauty Fix Airbrush Face is a lightweight, transparent spray that gently mists onto face to set and seal your makeup, making it smudge-proof, tear proof and water resistant! From catwalk to cocktails, tarmac to Tahiti, keep your makeup in place night and day. One spray and your away, ready for a no touch up day.

Beauty Fix Airbrush Face's unique formula offers long-lasting adherence without compromising the flawless finish of just applied makeup. Unlike similar products on the market that give a matte finish, Beauty Fix leaves your skin with a luminous effect.

On application it will provide a feather-light film over the skin. This film forming polymer protects and seals makeup. Containing alcohol and water it forms a volatile solvent to fix the film over the makeup which guarantees a quick dry time combined with the hydrating properties of water. Suitable for all skin types, Beauty Fix is also hypoallergenic.

yay! i want! i want! so therefore, i bought it. LOL

and again, i was excited to try it immediately though i already spritzed some on my face before buying it. but my makeup then was like 10hrs ago so i would need to really have one and test it.

so i put on my e/s, foundation, blush, loose powder...everything. and then i closed my eyes and for like a distance of 30cm away from my face, i spritzed it on my face. i felt tightening and lifting at once. it somehow felt like i have a mask on...i told myself "yay, looks like i was wrong in getting this." anyways, the lack of time to re-do my makeup, i just gave it a shrug and headed off to work.

a guy officemate of mine saw me right after i sat down in front of my computer and he said "hey, you look glowing!" whoa! whattt!? i grabbed a mirror and look at my face....hmmm, i was glowing indeed. but i still have that "masked" feeling...but it's tight, lifted and not dry kind of feeling. but it's very unlike EVIAN which gives you a fresh feeling...but hey, what im after is something that will really set my makeup and not just set..LOCK my makeup on my face.

hours have passed, and i didnt even reach out to my MAC blot powder nor my oil blotting sheets. i kept on checking on my face and even asked another guy officemate if i look oily...and he said no. i asked if i look dry, and again he said no. i then again asked him if i look fresh and that time i know he's kinda confused as to what i really want to know about my face but i was surprised to hear him say..."you look glowing, nga! did you put in anything shimmery?"

OMG...i took out the bottle and showed it to him. and yeah, you know guys...but i patiently explained to him what the product's for and well, i guess he's just being nice but he also patiently listened. and he asked me how much it costs...we played a little game where he would guess the amount and i would say either "higher" or "lower." when his guess was up to P800 and i still said "higher" he tossed the bottle back to me and said "i don't think i want to know how much that costs anymore!" while laughing.

yeah, it's kinda expensive. it's priced at P1825 for a 58.18ml...but what the heck, if it gets the job done...i don't care!

so my final verdict: I LOVE IT TO BITS!

here's my picture after applying my makeup and spritzing:

and my pictures after 10hrs:

(okay, i was totally camwhoring when i got home)

note that these pics were taken with flash. but i swear, i did not retouch the whole night! but i still reached for a sheet of an oil blotting paper...ONCE! just once! and that's such an improvement to my super duper oily face.

so will i buy this again? OF COURSE, I WILL!!!


disclaimer: product image and description taken from BEAUTYBAY


AskMeWhats said...

Well, all your FOTD looks good on pix..but all I can say with this one is that, it looks like you just done your make up and took a shot! Galing! are you used to the skin tightening effects na? I can't imagine having that feeling, pero it works for you!!! Nice review! :D

Unknown said...

i am getting used to it na sis, sa unang lagay lang naman actually...somehow it feels weird na parang nahahatak ang face ko pataas..i kept on checking on my face at baka bibig ko nasa bandang ilong ko na LOL..

Abby said...

I know this post is sooo ancient, but I was googling up this product, then your site showed up. Btw, I'm abby ;) I would like to ask sana if do you still use this product? and is it really that good? no allergies? I have very sensitive skin kc e. I'm really sorry for bombarding you with questions, khit n di mo c0 kilala, but i really want this product (but i'm still very skeptical), and i hope you would reply. thank you ;)


your make up, especially eye make-ups, look uber fabulous! blue and eye shadow suits you the most, for me. how i wish i could the same.... haha ;p

Anonymous said...

hey :)
i have extremeeeellly oily skin!! like.. really really oily around the Tzone and also have acne/acne scars.. i was wondering if i should get the MAC blot powder or the model co spray... or should i get both?


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