Wednesday, April 2, 2008

my attempt on "no-makeup-look"

weeks ago, on our way to the province, i saw a signage of "Barasoain Church" somewhere in Bulacan. I asked Mr. X (i am copying this idea from you, sis Liz hehe...but hey, X is actually the first letter of his name. i swear!) when is he going to bring me there...and he said "one of these days." (toink!) well, its just that i get that same answer whenever i would ask that question. and i dunno what drugs he's into, but he told me that we'll be dropping by there before we go home on last weekend.

hahhaa, sorry...its just that whenever he does something unusual, i ask him if he's drugged...did something nasty or whatever. :P

so last Sunday, I only had 2hrs of sleep because i was up all night blogging heheh. at first, i thought of telling him if it's alright if i'll just take a raincheck this time but for sure i'd get a lot of mocking from him so i decided to get it done and over with. i was the one who wanted to there anyways...heheh

i woke up an hour before he picks me up, and with such a little time to prepare (geesh, it usually takes me 2.5-3hrs!) i decided to skip vibrant colors for my eye makeup and just sport a no-make-look. i thought it would help me finish my makeup faster...but man, i was so wrong. LOL trying to look like i have no makeup is actually harder for me. hehehe

anyways, here's what i was able to come up with:

used (face and lips): The Face Shop Blemish Balm on top of Obagi Sunfader, MAC MSF in Natural, The Face Shop Blush in Pastel Pink, OM Saffron Concealer on the undereyes, Revlon Lustrous Lipstick in Pink in the Afternoon topped with Mac Gellee in Dewy Jube

used (eyes): UDPP, MAC e/s in Ricepaper on the entire lid, Jlynne Satin Pearls e/s in Kinoko applied on the outer crease, Coastal Scents eyeliner in Brown on the upper lash lines and Fasio 3d Mascara in Brown.

i know i suck in trying to pull off a no-makeup-look...i guess to go astray from my usual colors is what i can already considered as a "no-makeup-look." ehehe

and yep, it took me more than an hour to come up with this look and that means i was late and yep, he mocked me for the rest of our trip. (pouts)

he's such a camwhore...actually he's worse than me though i can't make him to admit it



AskMeWhats said...

sis! YOu looked beautiful!!! gosh you don't even need make-up to make you beautiful! This looks really really refreshing! Like straight from a shower look! (not that kind of seductive look ok?) hahaha.

Anyways..I LOVE IT!!!! Don't mind him waiting, as long as you looked great, right Mr. X? hahaha *hugs*

Pauline Denise said...

oh..i like your makeup!very simple makeup that highlights your beauty..sna i could also do very nice makeup like this! ^_^

Liz said...

so pretty and fresh-faced!

You and Mr.X look great together.


Anonymous said...

at times sis less is more. ;) pretty.

btw, Mr. X looks familiar! does he by any chance hail from Mapua?

Unknown said...

thanks sisters...i love you all! hehehe. sometimes i really wish i dont wear makeup, i am fond of scratching my eyes and my cheeks kasi and when i do that with makeup on..ay naku!

i used to be makeup free when i was in college, when i learned about makeup naman, i dont wear eyeshadows coz my eyes would look matapang (fierce) but now, heck i can't even go out of the house without eye makeup!

sis moi, yep he graduated from know him po?

Anonymous said...

not really know him sis pero he looks familiar. i graduated from Mapua din kasi, CoE class of 2001. :D i also met my hubby there who graduated April '99, ECE naman. i'm pretty sure i didn't know him from work so i guessed sa school since most of ppl i think i know usually naging classmate or schoolmate ko.

Shen said...

hot! :) parang may interview ka ah. :) so pwetty!

Paint Me Gorgeous said...

i love this natural look! gorgeous!!

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