Sunday, March 30, 2008

my loots for the week...

Earlier this week, i got a message from my Aunt that i have a package. I was surprised to know that it's from Elegant Minerals because i just got an email that my items have been shipped less than a week ago! Wow, that was fast!

So today, when my mom and sis came over, they gave me my package:

i got myself a sample kit of their Light and Medium foundation shades, a couple of eyeshadow samplers, setting powder, blushes , concealers and their clay mask. I bought this loot online when they had their 50% off sale weeks ago. My total order is $25, so after the promo it was $12.50 but after adding the shipping of $12...i still ended up with almost the same price before i availed of their promo. Wahahaha...

Anyways, i love their packaging. the samples come in sealed 5g pots...they seem so meticulous in their packaging...and i love their customer service too!

Mid this week, i got some items from a friend who sells Shiseido eyeshadows...I love the colors, and i just can't resist getting some:

and today, i went to the mall with mom and sis to look for something to wear on my sister's recognition day...i wasn't feeling very well because i feel hmm..constipated. LOL! I've been eating too much since last night and i went to sleep right after my BIG meal. When mom and sis finished their shopping, i only have a pair of shoes and an eye makeup remover with me. I thought i'd be going home "almost" empty-handed...until i dropped by MAC (uh-ohhhh!)

anyways, here's my loot for today:

I put in everything inside the WADE bag i got from buying this pair:

i can never get enough of wedges :)

poor me...i only got this Lip and Eye makeup remover from Watsons (hehehe) Actually i got this and a Revlon Feria Hair Color but mom brought it home in the province since i'll be coming home this weekend anyways. Sometimes, she's the one who colors my hair :) Sometimes, i do. I do my base color then i just go to a salon for the highlights.

Now, here's my Mac loot:

(drum roll)

Studio Fix Liquid in NC15, MSF in Natural, Amplified Cream Lipstick in Profusion and a Holiday Face Brush set!

I also got a freebie:

MAC Wipes, Lip Conditioner and a 129SE brush!

So for today, i got myself a total of 5 MAC SE brushes:

just by looking at them makes me wanna jump with joy...tee-hee

now i have 2 MAC 187. The long-handled one and the SE:

I just hope that i will use them...they look so pretty that i am thinking of just putting them on display. LOL!

The bag's also nice, but i don't think i can bring this with me when i go out:

but it is still MAC! :)

so there...i am officially on a NO BUY until next month! I want to poke my head real hard because for this month alone, i've spent too much on makeup. Geesh, i need some serious shopping rehab!

and just when i told myself that i won't be visiting MAC for the entire month of April, i just discovered that NC15 is too light for me. ARghhh! When the SA applied this earlier on me, it looked okay...but when i came home and tried it again, it looks light on me especially when i took pictures!

Grrrr...Actually, NC25 is a good match...but mom, insisted on getting a shade lighter because i am acidic so we tried NC20 and it's still a good match but they don't have stocks so i ended up buying NC15. She tried it on me and it looks okay...but now, it's not! huhuhuhu

Oh well, i just wish i can return this one soon so i can get the NC20 once they replenish their stocks. But i am impatient, so i guess i'd be having a trip to another MAC counter to get a new one and just keep this NC15 for my upcoming makeup classes.

anyways, i am still happy with my MAC loot.

But guess what really made my day?


yumm! :)

so remember, i am on a NO-buy....please help me keep myself from buying more makeup.


AskMeWhats said...

SIS!!!!!!!!! You are BAD BAD BAD!! hahaha I can't help but smile and WONDER how come we don't cross paths on MAC Counters! hehehe But I guess you go there morning! And I usually go there evenings! hahaha OHMIGOODNESS!!!! Your HAUL!!!! hahaha But they look wonderful and I know how it feels like to look at your lovely hauls! I always take time to look at them one by one and admire them! I KNOW HOW YOU FEEL! hahah BUT PLEASE...STOP NA!!! (well that's all the help I can give) hehehe

And I love the way you combine beauty and food!! ME TOO!!! You can't be beautiful if you don't eat right? heheheh *hugs hugs* happy for you!

Unknown said...

hi sis...seeing you at the Glorietta MAC counter would be great! heheh. but yep, i go there in the mornings..usually as soon as they open, im there na! lol..

i really am scared of this growing addiction with MAC...good thing i havent started buying eyeshadows but for sure it'll be a different story once FAFI and Heatherette arrive here. waaahhh, gotta be ready for that.

and yep, i love food. LOL

Shen said...

omg! meron pa kaya eye holiday collection. great haul!! :)

Shen said...

nakaka-addict mac noh?

balikatad na tayo sis! :) you're macaholic na me naman mmuholic. :)

Unknown said...

sis shen yep they still have that in MOA and for sure meron pa din sa Glorietta ;)

Unknown said...

sis shen, im still addicted to mmu most esp the eyeshadows but for foundation i am always in the look out for those that will give me the matte coverage talaga and since i spend too much time on my eye makeup, i need a faster way of applying my foundation. hahhaah

but MAC brushes are really so addicting!

Anonymous said...

love the brushes... yay! naku ang dami mo nga nabili... sayang gusto ko makita yung brushes pero late na kaya hindi na ko umakyat at nakichikka nalang ako...

whew nagutom ako... me wants kk too...

tama si askmewhats, stop na noh... hehehe...

Tracy Roa said...

found your blog and just wanted to stop by and say HI.

can't believe how much stuff you bought! and i thought i was bad. i guess it's different in PI. is it cheaper there than here in the states? i'm curious. haven't been there in 7 years, and one thing i miss is the shopping (besides my relatives). :)

btw, how are the elegant minerals?

Unknown said...

hi tracy, thanks for dropping by :)

hmm, i think (anybody please correct me if i am wrong) the makeup items that i bought most esp MAC are more expensive here. as for the mineral makeup, i would still have to pay for the international shipping :(

oohhh, as for elegant minerals, would you believe only 2 foundation shades seems to be a good match? to think i ordered their light and medium foundation sampler kits. :( i havent tried anything else from them, but i will soon and will try to post a review! :)

by the way, i saw your pureluxe hauls..they are so pretty. i love vibrant colors. are their e/s good? i read some reviews that they are too powdery. i hope you can help me change my mind about not ordering from them because of that review. :)

thanks in advance!

Christiana Divine @ Memoirs of A Shopping Addict said...

i'm a no-buy too... supposedly. LOL. :P man, i really want some krispy kreme donuts now. O_o geezus, you have such awesome hauls all of the time!

bhing aka blair waldorf said...

am drooling... at your krispy kreme (yhummm) oh and your great haul! Soooo luv ur MAC brushes, how much is the holiday face brush set? hay...danda danda's too pretty...parang ayaw ko siyang!

Unknown said...

hiyee christiana, your hauls are awesome too.. i've been eyeing pureluxe pigments for quite a while now but because of some bad reviews about them i am pretty much having second thoughts on getting samples..i hope you can help me decide. hehehhe

haller haller bhing :) the brush set is P3250 and would you believe i havent used them yet? hehhe tatakot ako malagyan ng stain pathetic, i know. haha

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