Wednesday, March 12, 2008

my MAC loot and...

today, instead of going home right after my shift, i decided to stay for a few more hours in the office not to work, but to wait until the mall opens (giggles) my favorite MAC SA texted me yesterday that N collection has finally arrived. and though i already placed an order with my fellow Girltalker days ago, i just can't wait anymore so to MAC Glorietta i check the collection.

i was only planning to get the paint pot and a 239 brush but then when i saw the entire collection, i wasn't able to resist getting more. but of course, i didnt buy them all...if only i could..i definitely would! LOL

anyways, here's my MAC loot:

3 items from the N collection and a 239 brush

Paint pot in Soft Ochre, eyeshadow in Modest Tone and Lipglass in 2N

another MAC e/s brush...the MAC 239

swatches of my loot from N collection

I love the Soft Ochre paint what sis Annielise wrote in her blog, this is the equivalent of the Painterly paint pot and will best suit us Asians. The Modest Tone e/s would be a great e/s base or lid wash for those lazy days and you still want to at least neutralize the colors of your lids. It's also matte, by the way. As for the lipglass, i actually regret getting it because i have lots of glosses already that i use on top of my nudish pink lipsticks but well, at least now i have one from MAC! (stupid, silly me...i know)

and here's a few items i got from Landmark:

2 Victoria Secrets body mists in Pure Seduction and Sweet Temptation, Nivea Refreshing Fluid Sunblock spf 30 (whitening), a relaxing eye mask, a pill box (or round pill box...duh!) which i will use for my foiling when i'm traveling and i don't want to bring my mixing bowls hehehe and some sponge applicators.

IMHO, i prefer the old packaging...or the bottle. this one's kinda bulky. yep, i do bring a bottle with me in my bag :) i'm not used to transferring some of it in little atomizers. yep..again, i am that stupid.

some of my other cheapo finds:

the "eyemake mirror" that would supposedly help in making sure that you have applied your eye makeup evenly on both eyes (waaah, just what i need!)

hmm..i just wish i'd be able to figure out how to use it.

i tried using it today, and i saw myself in the mirror getting cross-eyed...

i love facial masks!

and summer's we gotta load up on sunblocks! actually i'm already using Obagi's sunfader but it's kinda heavy on the skin. so when i saw the commercial on TV about this new (is this really new? i haven't been watching too much tv lately) i told myself i'm gonna get one and try it.

i also got these cute headbands too...ohh, it makes me wanna grow my hair long. :(

i know i have loads of magazines i haven't read yet, but since Odette's not with me earlier (she stops me from hoarding magazines) i got this one today.

hayy..i love shopping....who doesn't???


AskMeWhats said...

Sis! You got hold to the N collection!!! Lucky you!!! I've been salivating for the N collection as I'm all for neutrals and natural look!

And sis, the mirror is just amazing! I Didn't know that they even sell such things! To make sure your eye make up is pantay!!! hahahah I love it! tell me how it goes and if it does help at all :)

aawww..super inggit sa mga hauls mo :)

Iambrigitte said...

thanks mom just texted me asking the url of my site. patay ako neto pag nakita mga pinagkakagastusan ko. PALO ako sigurado wahahaa

yep, N collection is nice lalo na nga if you are into neutrals. for eye looks i want it loud and bold pero sa lips mas gusto ko ung nudish ang dating. i wanna get the lipsticks pero andami ko na, same shades pa.

ay naku sis naduduling ako dun sa mirror. kakaloka!

AskMeWhats said...

hahaha Oh No!!! Did you show your mom your link na? Super busted! hahaha Well, you handled your purchases well naman, nagagamit mo :) kaya no worries..

Can't believe it, natatawa ako sa sinabi mong naduduling ka sa mirror! eh di lalong hindi pantay ang eye make up kung naduduling ka! :D hahaha

Cristina said...

Sis...I can't believe I'm asking this, but where did you get that mirror? hahaha :p

Also went to MAC yesterday, but controlled myself and got Soft Ochre Paint Pot.

Iambrigitte said...

sis askmewhats, yep binigay ko na..waaahhh...uuwi pa naman ako this weekend sa province, malamang ko walis tambo isasalubong sa akin at panay pa naman ako daing na wala na akong moolah..LOL yup nakakaduling sha. kaloka

sis crissy, hehheeh i got it sa landmark, they have 3 colors actually. sa tingin ko useful naman sha as long as you know how to use it.

AskMeWhats said...

hahaha ready ka na dapat sis sa pacute factor at mega nice eye make up para mas mapansin ang ganda ng make up mo! :) hahah you're funny :D can't wait to see your next haul, pero mga next week na? hahaha

Iambrigitte said...

hahaha...anong next week, meron pa akong nabili kahapon nde ko lang napicturan. LOL nagsasawa ka na ba sa mga kaartehan ko sister? wehehehe

AskMeWhats said...

hindi pa! grabe!!!! take a pix!!! ano na naman nabili mo sis? hahahha Naaliw nga ako eh!

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