Monday, March 24, 2008

my makeup brushes...

a year or maybe more than a year ago, i remember just having one makeup brush. yep, just one...and that would be a blush brush i bought from one of our trusty department stores here in PI (Landmark). I just can't remember the exact brand name, but for sure it's not from a known brand...but back then, i don't really care if it's a good brush or long as it does the job for me, it's good enough for me.
i don't really wear eye makeup back then as well, and if i do, i make use of the sponge applicators that go with the kit...or just use my fingers to apply, and blend (as if i already know what this term
2006 was the year when i started getting addicted to it MMU or non-MMU. It was also the time when i started collecting brushes, mostly face brushes for foundation and blushes...if memory serves me right, i think i have like 3-4 brushes at that time.

now, when i look at my makeup brushes, i can't help but grin because my collection has gone a long way since i started getting addicted with makeup. i am also hooked into applying eyemakeup and now, my goal is to get all the good eyeshadow brushes out there (i know i still have a lonnnggg way to go) and really learn how to make use each and one of them. i must admit, i don't know how and where to use some of the brushes i have. some of them i use in blending, when they are not really for blending. hehehe...TOINK!

anyways, here are the brushes that i use for my makeup application:


(top to bottom): CS Italian Badger Buffer Brush, MAC 187, TBS Foundation brush and Red Earth Kabuki


(top to bottom): MAC 187, TBS Blusher brush and Prestige blush brush
a closer look at my TBS Blusher brush:

EYESHADOW BRUSHES (Large) to apply colors on the entire lid:

(top to bottom): Fanny Serrano large e/s brush, Marrionnaud large e/s brush and Artdeco e/s brush

EYESHADOW BRUSHES (Small) to apply color on specific eye area like under the brow bone or i use them to apply another shade of eyeshadow on the lid. Example: I use a larger e/s brush to apply color on the inner corner of the lid, and a smaller e/s brush to apply color on the outer corner or mid of the lid. (i told you, i have no idea sometimes as to where and how i am to use these brushes..hehehe)

(top to bottom): Elianto e/s brush (small), MAC 239 and e/s brush from Watercolors

EYE CREASE BRUSHES to apply color on the crease. Sometimes, i use them to smudge colors on the lower lids (MAC 219) or to blend! :P

(top to bottom): Smashbox bullet brush, MAC 219 and crease brush from Life & Companion

ANGLED EYESHADOW BRUSHES to apply color on the outer-V or on the eye contour.

(top to bottom): Fanny Serrano angled e/s brush, Silk Naturals ultimate dual eyeshadow brush and Prestige angled e/s brush

BLENDING BRUSHES to blend colors. I know that only one of these brushes are supposed to be used for blending while the others are still for applying colors on the lid...but again, this is how i use them. heheh..i am such a dork when it comes to brushes!

(top to bottom): Prestige Shadow Sweep brush, Elianto large e/s brush and Prestige Shadow Crease brush. Out of the 3, most of you might say that the last would be the most appropriate for blending...but hey, the other two works for me too!

CONCEALER BRUSHES to apply concealer (cream or powder):

(top to bottom): Bare Escentuals Maximum Coverage Concealer brush and Sonia Kashuk concealer brush (part of a set). For cream concealers, i use the latter while for powder type-concealers i use the BE brush.


these are TIANWEI brushes...really cheap (Php30++) but it really gets the job done. I use them to line my upper lash lines.

(top to bottom): Fanny Serrano smudger brush and Prestige Lip liner brush. (grins) and i use them to line my lower lashlines. hehehhe

"FOILING" BRUSHES to apply my eyeshadow pigments wet. I am still trying to get the hang of it, so for the meantime i use these:

(top to bottom): TIANWEI eyeshadow brush and Everbilena small e/s brushes

And when i travel, i try to make them all fit in my TFS makeup brush holder...hehehe. (Somebody get me a bigger one!)

at home, i just put them on a cup (yep, a cup! picture to follow hehehe)

NOTE: i have other brushes (mostly from CoastalScents) but i havent used them yet. so basically, the brushes here are the ones i've been using everyday.

Geesh, seeing them makes me think of that idea i got from another forum, which is..."ONE MAC e/s BRUSH A MONTH." (grins) Yeah, i am lusting over their brushes...i wanna get them all. And maybe when that time comes, i would already know where and how to use them...hehhee thinking..."but can't i just get them all at once and have a MAC BRUSH-NO BUY for the next few months?"

(i wish!)


AskMeWhats said...

great brush collection! hahaha I smiled when i saw your one MAC e/s brush a month...I had this one MAC e/s per week! hahaha I am telling myself I will start to collect e/s of MAC per week and wow...wish us both luck! hahhaa

Unknown said... mac e/s per week? geesh, i wish i can do that too..but i am yet to finish my mmu loot before i can start getting addicted with MAC e/s, LOL!

goodluck to us both! ehhehe i am still lusting over your 28-pc suesh makeup brush set...i wanna get one na!

AskMeWhats said...

hahaha You can't go for the one Mac e/s a week coz you have your tons of e/s to use up!!! Super laway and super dami!!! Korek! Goodluck to both of us for trying to STOP shopping..hahahah Can't wait to see more FOTD/FOTN from you with all those lovely colors you have !!!!

Liz said...

all i can say is:


now, i am starting to feel the need to change my crappy brushes. hahaha!

Unknown said...

sis liz, you have good brushes naman...ako nga i don't even know how to use them, basta brush lang ng brush. LOL

Nina said...

san mo nabili yung tianwei brushes? okay ba yung ever bilena brushes?

whitebobblehead said...

hey! the brushes i have at the moment are from sephora or sasa or makeup forever so you might wanna check them out when youre in the states (sephora) or hk (all brands)!

i came across your site while researching for cheap makeup brush kits that are still durable! might i say you have a really big kit! jealous! haha

on a lighter note, dont worry about not knowing how to use each brush cuz most brushes can actually be used for a lot of different purposes. just as long as they get the job done right? haha! but just in case, the suesh 16pcs kit has a simple description per brush:)

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