Friday, March 7, 2008

stressed, frustrated and angry...

well, yeah...i've been like that for the past few days. Maybe i'm just too tired with my work, and i worry too much about a lot of things lately. you know...the twenty-something syndrome? arrrghh...

so what else am i to do?

go shopping, of course!

here's my loot for today (take note that i waited 3 hours after my shift for the malls to open...hehhee): first ever MAC e/s in Ricepaper and the Curiositease set of 5 cool pigments and glitter. seeing the eyeshadows in the counter really made me drool and buy them all! but of course, i can't...i can only admire them from afar. wahahaha (drama)

pigment swatches (L-R): Reflects blue (glitter), Forest Green, Naval Blue, Softwash Gray and Helium

and since i got hold of pigments and i'm thinking of foiling them, i asked if they have the mixing medium. Apparently, it's only available in MAC Pro stores (sorry for the ignorance, ladies...'twas my first time to get myself eye-makeup from MAC). So i need to improvise:

thanks to ITMom for this great alternative! I haven't started with my homemade mixing medium yet, but will do soon!

I also got myself these in Mercury Drug:

Maybelline Volume Express Waterproof Mascara in Brown and Loreal lipstick in Heart Warming

Can i just say that the lipstick really glides on smoothly and moisturizes the lips and has a minty smell and taste too...yum!

And lastly, i dropped by at Beauty Bar in Greenbelt 3 and was able to get myself these:

Bloom Foundation Stick in Base One, Modelco Beauty Fix Airbrush Spray and a Prestige Blush Brush

I really got curious with the Airbrush Spray since this is being used in runway shows to "really" set the models' makeup. It even says "one spray for a no-touch up day" and i got sold! i'm so gullible when it comes to these things. I gave in despite the price (P1850) as opposed to my Evian Mist which costs P400++ for that humongous size i recently bought. but what the heck, if this would really do the job, i guess i made a good decision in getting this. (yeah, convince yourself more jheng...more!) i tried it at the counter and it made my skin feel some tightness, its as if skin's being lifted or something. i really can't give a review right now since i already had my makeup on for like 12 hours when i tried this. but i will write one, soon!

so, despite the fact that i'm soooo uberly stressed, i can say that i am one happy makeup addict for today.

again, here's a pic of my beauty loot:

and of course, i didn't forget to get more magazines to cut...err, i mean read! :D

i got home at noon, reaaalllly tired that i immediately dozed off to sleep as soon as i laid down. I woke up two hours after, still with my office clothes on (ewww!) and hungry too! but at the same time happy...or at least able to forget my worries for a while.

some might say that i'm shallow for diverting my attention to shopping and spending when i have problems...but what the heck, this is something that works for me. this is what they call "Retail Therapy!" hehehhe...i guess everybody has their own way of dealing with stress, and this is my, walang pakialaman ng trip! :P


Anonymous said...

hahaha! kaya sumama ka na sa hk. magsasawa ka kaka-shopping. :D get well soon!

Liz said...

hey, cheer up!

hope you feel better soon now that you've got a lot of new nice things.

where did you buy glycerine? i've been trying to find one to no avail. .. :-(

AskMeWhats said...

Hello! It was nice to see your haul!!! I hope you feel better, and dont' worry, we understand you so well why you divert your stress to shopping (nobody will judge you hehehe)

Hail to another magazine lover!!! Yay to Liz too!

I can't wait for you to try on those MAC e/s and see how it goes!!!

Be happy!!!! it's friday!

Unknown said...

@joan, may mmu ba sa HK? LOL
@askmewhats, heheh can relate ka din ba sis.. grabe dati mall shopping nga lang divertion ko ngayon dahil sa mmu pati sa online shopping naloloka na ko. ehehhe
@liz, got it at Mercury Drug. try mo sa mga drugstores jan sis...

i am still not feeling well, but since i got another mmu loot today kahit naistorbo tulog ko masaya na naman ako!

hihih will post swatches soon

AskMeWhats said...

Grabe sis, you know what? i was at this MMU addict phase, as in mega ONLINE laway! hahaha pero grabe..mas grabe ka sis! You're the queen of MMUs :) hehehe

Can't wait for the swatches, and super ok mga EOTD/FOTDs mo! keep up! I like looking at it! :)

Anonymous said...

hala sabi ko na eh... dami binili mo... :D

Christiana Divine @ Memoirs of A Shopping Addict said...

hi! :] you'll love the homemade mixing medium. it makes SUCH a difference! :]

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