Monday, March 17, 2008


another reason why i went home this weekend is:

my mineral makeup loot!

from Dreamworld:

foundation samples (though i already found my shade with them):

creme toppings samples (i am now waiting for my full-sized pot of Butter Creme):

samples of eyeshadows and blushes from different worlds:


two 4g pots of my current HG mmu foundation: Light Medium Neutral in Cashmere formula. And a few samples from their other foundation formulas

eyeshadows and blushes samples:


pigment samples:

more pigments samples:

and some more pigment samples!

and i also got myself their Gelle Drops:


na-ahhh... cute!

and finally from COASTALSCENTS:

weeee....i love their brushes!

i also got myself their new product, an eyeliner in Brown (in my case, i'm going to use it as an eyebrow liner so i won't need to bring my Modelco brow kit anymore)

i was inspecting the brushes when one of them made me go "oh!" and so i rushed to my room to get another eyeshadow brush...(i just want to make sure)

have another closer look:

hmm...the CS brush i got for $2 and the other one for P400++!!! and to think the latter doesn't have any label on it.

anyways, i got a sample of their new bronzer as a freebie:

i am sooo happy....3 more packages to go!

weeeehhhh....tons of sample baggies again. i wish i can have time to do pot-sessions again (nope, this isnt about drugs, silly! though mmu can be quite addicting as well) but i already found another way to store these samples. and my first one is already full...(20 or more pages, i think) so good thing i also got myself a new one:

let's take a peek of what's inside:

geesshh...this is heaven!



Shen said...

pwede ba sa inyo ko na lang ipadala ung packages ko?? ang bilis sa inyo sis! :) wahehe! i'm drooling over the loots!!

sab said...

i'm sooo jealous!! :) how? did you order through the net?

Christiana Divine @ Memoirs of A Shopping Addict said...

wow, that is an AWESOME haul. :D

Liz said...

OMG! new haul again? hahaha! you really do love makeup.

Melissa Joy said...

omg thats crazy! i'm loving the haul!

Unknown said...

heheh thanks sisters..yep, i ordered thru net. but for a week now, i havent ordered anything...YET!

i think i wont be able to finish all my mmu loot for the past months i've been hoarding. i already found my HG foundation, for the e/s i have LOTS of samples. i don't think i;d be able to finish them all. after all, i only have a pair of eyes. LOL

Unknown said...

omgggg.......that's a lot! I just got my mineral e/s haul too! i'm just branching out since i've been a mac-whore for awhile (and let's face it... owning all the MAC e/s isnt practical at all). anyway... since i'm just starting maybe you can tip me in. do you use any primers underneath your mmu?? or will it pack on ok without it? cuz i tried it with my paintpot and it looks like i have too much makeup on!

p.s. this might sound weird.... but i was just browsing through your older posts and i saw a picture of you and your sister... and she looks reaally familiar to me. by any chance did she go to st. paul pasig?

Unknown said...

@sis anne, yes i do use a primer under my mmu. for the face, i use smashbox photofinish light and then for the eyes, i use urban decay primer potion. i also use paintpots in soft ochre or painterly, but i apply the UDPP first before the paint pot. :)

my sister's only 14yrs old hehehe...she's only on her sophomore year in HS :D

i also want to own a lot of MAC e/s, so addicting and i love their colors too. but mmu is a lot cheaper..

peebee said...

Sis manila ka ba? When u buy online do all your packages get sent staright to yourhouse? Im so inggit, mine always go to post office first!

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