Wednesday, April 30, 2008

just for fun...

i'm stucked again in the office, and obviously, got nothing to do. so i thought of trying out TAAZ and see what kind of makeovers it can do for me. anyways, i am seriously thinking that i am in such a bad need of one.
warning: following pictures really look stupid...LOL!

so here's my before pic:

and here's my after pic:

and another one:


i personally like the second one...damn, i wish i have long, well-volumized hair like that! and now i am thinking of going back to having blonde hair. wahahahha

geessh, boredom is really dangerous!

on eyeliner sealants...

i've always been fond of wearing eyeliners...most especially those colorful ones. it gives the eyes more drama and if you are not into wearing eyeshadows, bright-colored eyeliners will surely make your eyes pop. i don't wear eyeshadows before, but i buy a lot of colored eyeliners available out there so i can add colors to my eyes. i have black, brown, blue, violet, white, green, pink, etc...but somehow, i still wished to have the same number of available colors for eyeliners as much as eyeshadow shades we have out there.
and then i got introduced to mineral makeup. i got a few eyeshadows from my first mmu brand, Bare Escentuals. but i had no idea on how to apply them...well, i did. but believe me, i always end up with creasing eyeshadows, if not poorly blended colors on my eyelids. i wished to use them as eyeliners...and then i found out that i can do that with mmu e/s!
at first, i tried it with water. but it doesnt really make my liner stick well. and then i read something about using Visine. so i got myself a mixing bowl (pot caps work too!), put some mmu e/s on it and a drop of visine. i mixed it and using my eyeliner brush, i lined my upper lash lines with it. and voila! instant eyeliner! and back then, i have like 15 mmu e/s it was like having 15 different colors of eyeliners. and i wasn't stuck with the usual colors...i was so happy.

then i came across this in Sephora:

Designed to help your long wearing bareMinerals Liner Shadows last through wind, rain, snow, or swimming, Weather Everything is simply the best way for your eyes to endure the day as flawlessly as they started.

and of course, i gotta have one of this...aside from other stuffs hahahha. So when my friend gave me this, i was so excited to try it out. the effect was a lot different from using visine. it really makes the color vibrant. and it really stays put. but what i didn't like about it is it makes the liner flake. after sometime, you'd see the liner flaking to bits. yay!

oh well...

so i tried another eyeliner sealant. i got one from Milan, called Gelle Drops. Consistency is a lot thicker than that of BE's. and it's sticky. i find it hard to mix my mineral eyeshadow using this one. but like BE, it does help your liner in giving out a vibrant color. staying power is good too. no flaking though...but i just didn't like the difficulty of mixing the mmu with it.

then, i came across the homemade mixing medium, which can also be used as a liner sealant. but the first few times i've used this to foil my eyeshadows, i had an allergy, my lids became sore and so damn itchy. and i don't think i would want to try it for my liners. no way.

so i had no other choice but to go back with BE liner sealant. but what about the flaking issue? well, thanks to Phoebe, she gave me a tip about topping it off with Visine. So first you apply your liner with BE sealant, then wet the same liner brush (or get another brush) with Visine, line your colored eyeliner again. lo and behold, flaking issue resolved!

and now i (and you too!) can enjoy the vibrancy of your mmu e/s as eyeliners, with excellent staying power without flaking.


Monday, April 28, 2008


last friday night, i arrived in the office at almost midnight. geesh, late for two hours again! tee-hee. good thing we are in flexi, or else i should've been fired for my extreme tardiness a long time ago :P

anyways, i arrived in the office and guess what greeted me? FOOD! yep, it was time for our monthly pig-out in our department. hehehe...there were boxes of pizza, chicken, drinks and of course, lasagna, from Pizza hut. usually, we go out to have dinner but i think they might have guessed that i'd be coming in late again so they decided to just have our food delivered in the office.

too bad i wasn't able to take pictures of us pigging out. i didn't have my digicam with me. then i remembered that i have a cam phone, duh! oh well, i was able to catch what's left of my pig-out session here it is, and take a peek of my organized and very professional workstation. hahhaha

hmmm...very yummy...and oily lasagna! LOLz

so now you know what i do at work... ;)
and yep, that's BATMAN on top of my CPU...a remembrance from my former officemate, Vic.

my vanity desk...i mean, my workstation! you might be wondering how come i only have few kikay stuffs on my desk. well, i do have a pedestal on my station which houses my lotions, facial washes, and food!

at least i have some documents on my table! :P

today, before hearing mass, X brought me to Jollibee coz i've been throwing tantrums all day for i've been craving for their chocolate sundae. when we got there, i got myself their macapuno ice craze. so what happened to the sundae? well, i made him get it, and its just like having both! wahahaha

and here's me looking stupid while enjoying my food:

this was stolen. he called my name and poof!

stupid, hungry me

i was totally camwhoring!

so there...i just thought of sharing these.


Saturday, April 26, 2008

my Saturday mini loot...

uh-oh...i'm in trouble!
i know i'm on a no-buy, but i need these stuffs! so please spare me from the sermons! hahaaha

Nivea Lotion, Covergirl Mascara in Brown Black and Eyeliner in Black

I ran out of my HG mascara, L'oreal Lash Architect, which apparently is not being sold here in PI so i need to get another one. Was thinking of getting Maybelline mascara, which mom nabbed from me, but i saw this Covergirl stall in the mall which is new so i thought of trying some of their items. I must admit, it's my first time to see a mascara with a flexible wand so i got this one. (hehehhee, curiosity can kill me at times) And though i havent been using an eyeliner, except for my mmu e/s which i use as liners from time to time, i got myself a black eyeliner too! and this one i ought to use on my waterline. eeepppp, which reminds me that i tend to look a lot more fierce than i already am with a black eyeliner. but what the heck!

i must admit, i kinda miss shopping. I've been avoiding the mall for weeks now.
Oh well!

and before i forget, what's a trip to the mall without getting some of my fave food?


on Iheartminerals...

More than a week ago, i got these free mineral samples from a fellow Gtalker Marie who started her venture on creating her own mineral makeup line. As soon as i got them, i fell inlove with her eyeshadows at once. Well, i am such a sucker for mmu e/s! :) I immediately tried her foundations too and thought that Matte 3 is my exact shade, but mom noticed that it went dark on me. I have other samples left so i know i'd be able to find my match. and i did!

Anyways, here are the swatches of what i got:

1st set of Iheartminerals foundations

2nd set of Iheartminerals foundations

Eyeshadows (some doesn't have a name yet)

Note: Per set has two pics: Top pics taken with flash and Bottom pics taken without flash

When i was doing the swatches, i had a hard time with the foundations. I though they are kinda chalky and hard to blend...but like any other MMU addicts out there who believe in the virtue of patience in finding great mmu brands, i immediately reached out for my mmu foundation brush (italian badger buffer brush) and did the swirl, tap and buff thing...and whoa! i was so wrong in thinking that her foundations are chalky. Coverage is medium to heavy and i would say best when applied wet. So i applied it wet at first and then dry. Definitely, Marie (owner of Iheartminerals) has a promising mmu line!

So here are my pictures wearing the foundation and e/s from this new brand:

used: UDPP all over lid, Iheartminerals e/s in Respect on the inner half of the lid, Iheartminerals e/s in Beau on the outer half, outer-V and outer crease, L'oreal Lash Architect in Black and Modelco Brow kit in Dark

used: Monistat Anti-chafing gel as primer, Cinema Secrets concealer on the undereyes, side of the nose and blemishes, Iheartminerals foundation in Matte 1, MEOW blush in Tickled Pink, Australian brand lipstick in Party Pink topped with MAC lipglass in 2N and Blusche Finishing Powder in Phoebe.

and me after my shift:

excuse the blemishes on my face...ack! Probably i should have used a separate mmu concealer on top of my cinema secrets. Marie informed me that she'll come up with concealers, primers (she already have one) and finishers so that's again something to watch out for.

I believe this brand is promising. A lot of women (including me) would love to have a good mmu line that's available locally...that means more affordable since shipping won't be that costly.

Marie is yet to come up with more shades for her mmu line...who knows, you might be lucky like me to be given a chance to test it free. :)

trying out my shiseido eye palette and my lauress foundation shade...

whew...what a mouthful. i really need to improve (yeah, damn right) my writing skills. hehehe

anyways, i had this shiseido palette since last month and lately, i've been wanting to re-visit my non-mmu eyeshadows so i figured to try this one out.

used: Modelco Brow kit in Dark, UDPP all over lid, Yellow (inner half of the upper lid and on the inner lower lash lines as liner) and Brown Gold(outer half of the upper lid and on the outer lower lash lines as liner) shades from the Shiseido eye palette, Fasio 3D Mascara in Brown and MAC e/s in Ricepaper to highlight

used: Smashbox Photofinish primer in Light, Lauress Minimalist foundation in Radiant Ivory, Cinema Secrets concealer used on the undereyes, on the sides of the nose and blemishes, Lauress finisher in Ultimatte Medium, MAC blush in Dollmix and Smashbox lipstick in Sweet topped with Philosophy Big Lips in Rose

and this is me after my shift:

so that's it...i am gonna get myself a full size foundation in Radiant Ivory! Opsss, i am on a No-buy right? But it's my matetenten next week...can i just be excused for now? puhleasssseeee? (bats eyelashes....)


tagged: I heart Beauty Products

Got this tag from Nikki, and i love answering tags such as this one. I could have written a lot for each section but i tried to limit myself. It's hard when you have a lot of things that you like and believe to be an HG material, eh!?

So here it goes:

My Foundation: MUFE Mat Velvet Liquid Foundation, MAC Studio Fix SPF 15 Liquid and some mmu brands
My Mascara: L'oreal Lash Architect
My Blush: MAC and Red Earth

My Eye Shadow: MMU (Taylormade, MAD, Lumiere), MAC, Shiseido
My Day Cream: Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion
My Lipstick: Revlon Lip Lustrous in Pink in the Afternoon, Revlon and Smashbox

My Beauty Product Brand: MMU, MAC and Smashbox
My Essential Beauty Product: Clarifying Toner

My Favorite Makeup Product: Brow kit from Modelco...take away all my makeup but not this one. i can't live without my brows! hahahaha
My Perfume: Lacoste Pink, Elizabeth Arden Green Tea and VS Sweet Temptation
My Nails: Anything would do! And like what
Nikki mentioned, just top it off with a clear nail polish from Sally Hansen and it will last longer
My Feet & My Hands: Neutrogena and Nivea
Three Products to bring on a deserted island: Sunblock, Facial Wash and Evian Mist
Woman I admire for their beauty: Also my mom! hehehhe, she'd kill me if i mention somebody else! kiddin' love you, mom!
Woman with the Best Sense of Style: Hmm...nobody in particular. (gah!)
My Ultimate Dream (but I do not believe in selling my soul to the devil for it): to be a makeup artist too!

How Do I Define Womanhood: the ability to make a difference and inspiring other people
My Favorite Fashion Publication: Preview and Marie Claire

...and again (too lazy to tag specific people), feel free to tag yourself and post this on your blogs. it's fun! try it
(wink! wink!)

The Art of Illusion (Part III)


No cosmetic has the potential to punctuate your mood or express your personality like lipstick. For some women, a matte red lipstick may feel too flamboyant. For others, a clear, shiny gloss may be too sexual. For you, it may be just right. The lipstick shade and texture, as well as the technique you use, have the power to transform the shape and emphasis of your lips.
Here are some lip lessons in illusions:

Thin lips
apply a nude lip pencil to the center of the lower edge of the bottom lip or use an opalescent lipstick to create a fuller look.

Old color
too much lip color can be aging, no matter how young you are. for a fresh look, give your lips a stain: rub a lip brush against your lip pencil and then brush the color on your lips. press it in with your finger.

Washed out
intense color on the lips will perk up your entire face. when you're feeling washed out and wan, its time to slide a tube of red or garnet lipstick (or gloss) across your lips.

Bleeding lipstick
if you have oily skin, your lipstick may tend to bleed off your lips. here are some correctives: Color in your lips before applying lipstick or gloss; outline your lips with a nude pencil (one that's dry, not creamy); or use a concealer pencil to fill in the lines around your lips then blend well.

Lips on the downturn
focus attention on the center of your mouth with a dab of gloss, and don't extend your lip color all the way out to the corners

Pearly whites
your teeth deserve the same kind of TLC that you invest in your makeup and skincare regimens. a good set of pretty white teeth can really brighten up your look. brush and floss at least twice a day (or every after meal) and do a spot check for stains on a regular basis

Fresh mouth
if you can, try to brush your teeth after drinking tea, coffee or red wine to prevent stains before they set.

taken from Fast Beauty 1000 Quick Fixes

Friday, April 25, 2008

dum di dum di dum...

matetenten to me...matetenten to me...
matetenten, matetenten
matetenten to me...

this is how my sister, sam, used to sing the happy birthday song when she was hmmm...2 or 3 years old? tee-hee...she even says tsolokeyt (cholocate) instead of chocolate.


okay, 'nuff with that...this isn't about my sister's weird pronounciation of things when she was little...i'd have another post for that

in a couple of days from now, i'd be turning 25 (you wish!).
okay fine, i'm turning 2#%@#! (what?)
i'm turning 2#&#$! (what?)
geesh, are you deaf (or blind?) i said, i'm turning 2^$#&*$!

anyways, i just wanna be like a kid again..and as a kid, i guess i have the right to list down all the things i want to get as my birthday gift. the thing is, this "kid" is lemming for not so kiddy-like things anymore...hhehhee. so what exactly do i want for my birthday?

just a few stuffs, actually....

these stuffs from MAC:

MAC 224

MAC 217
(just because i sold mine months ago...i never thought i'd be into eyeshadows!)

MAC 239
(i just want another one)

MAC 266

MAC 182

Heatherette Trio 1

Heatherette Trio 2

Heatherette lipsticks in Melrose Mood and Hollywood Nights

Beauty Powder Blushes in True Romantic, Eversun and Sweetness

MAC Fafi blush in Fashion Frenzy

SUESH 28-pc brush set:

These stuffs from GUESS:

and lastly, this pair of boots from NINEWEST (in brown):

or just

so i can buy (all) those stuffs and pay for my tuition fee in makeup school!

geessshh...i can go do this all day. there's no harm in dreaming, right? anyways, this is just my wishlist...but it would be really great if some (everything, is better...LOL) in my list will be mine on my 2#%^%& birthday! hehehhe

i better start praying now, eh?

ohhhh pleaseee...let me have them.i'd be a good girl from now on, i promise!


oh well...


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