Sunday, April 6, 2008

another happy mail day...

usually, when a package arrives, i ask my mom to send it to me in the city. this time, i didnt ask her...not because i am no longer interested about my items but because i just wanted to kill myself from too much anticipation and excitement.

hehehe, i am such a masochist!

packages from Taylormade, Dreamworld and Everyday Minerals!

from EVERYDAY minerals:

(L to R): Long handled kabuki, Flat top brush, Angled blush brush, eyeshadow brush and concealer brush

the brushes are lovely, and soft! i am so excited to try them out (i had to wash and let them dry first, though!)

my concealer and eyeshadow brush

at first i thought these are small angled brushes because the hairs are pushed to the side...then i remember what i ordered and of course, i saw the receipt that came with the items. i already washed them but the hairs arent back to normal yet... :(

i hope they will soon. but i still love them all!

again, my EDM loot:

from DREAMWORLD Minerals
which i ordered during their St. Patrick's Day sale:

samples of the eyeshadows that were featured during the holiday (on top), samples of Sirens of the Seas (middle) and toppings in Butterscotch Cream (bottom)

again, my DW loot:

from TAYLORMADE minerals: many pigments, so little time!



Anonymous said...

ano yung nakabox? sana dumating na EDM ko... excited na ko sa brush ko... yehey!

AskMeWhats said...

hhhaha i'm not saying anything na sis, its sooo beautiful kc kaya ok lang sige! i forgave you for shopping again~ hahahhaha i'm sure you shopped weeks ago pa and it just arrived :) can't wait for you to use it sis

bhing aka blair waldorf said...

EDM's brushes are really nice! how are the eye brushes? i only have the flat top and the long handled kabuki, which I both adore to bits! ang dami mong packages, parang christmas hehe!

Shen said...

i'm so inggit!! waaah!!
ma'am o! si jheng! nagiinggit!
from all the loots, ung DW ako na drool! FS! i want too!!

Anonymous said...

wah, i am sooo lemming so much more for DW FS Butter creme!!! are you selling yours? haha asa pa ko! :P as always fab haul! ako di kita pipigilan haha kasi addict din ako! :D

Unknown said...

[b]nica[/b] the box is from EDM. hehhe, they have fast shipping na only took 2 weeks of waiting :)

[b]sis nikki[/b] hehe, yep...i bought them weeks ago pa. :P i'm on a no buy talga ngayon..until Heatherette arrives. lol

[b]sis bhing[/b] yeah EDM brushes are really nice, though i havent used them yet. my skin's breaking out lately and im trying to stay away from wearing any foundation or powder. will post a review soon!

[b]shen[/b] ikaw din dami mo loots eh. eyeshadow addict! :P

[b]sis moi[/b]hahaha, i so love DW toppings lalo na the butter creme. i'll be an enabler this time...go get one! LOL

QueenBeetch said...

wow, i thought edm's angled blush brush is out of stock.

Unknown said...

sis queenbeetch i think last week lang nag-out of stock?

QueenBeetch said...

waaahhhh, that's so unfair!
anyways, aks ko lang po if you think the edm sunlight concealer u got eh pwede for medium skin tones? para kasing for light complexions sya, baka hindi bagay sakin, im planning to include this sa kit ko. hope to hear from u again, thanks!

Unknown said...

well, IMHO, the angled blush brush isn't that good. but make sure you get the long handled kabuki because it's really nice. the flat top, not really that satisfied.

anyways, yung sunlight concealer is best to be used for undereyes. it's good in covering those nasty eyebags...but for concealing blemishes, i use something na kakulay (if not a shade lighter) ng foundie ko. I spot conceal first, then apply another layer of foundie.

hope this helps! :)

QueenBeetch said...

ganun ba sis.. cguro i'll include nalang rin tinted silk para makumpleto na yung kit. have you tried it na ba?

Unknown said...

actually, i just ordered that kagabi. heheheh...

QueenBeetch said...

diba you have that sa pics sa entry na ito? :D

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