Tuesday, April 15, 2008

another yellow-green (ish) eotn...

yeah, i know...i've been using the same colors over and over again. i really need to practice more on my blending and try out new shades. i've been lazy these past few days, i feel like i am depressed or something. there's nothing to be depressed about though (except for my ongoing no-buy huhuhu), maybe it's just because my birthday is fast approaching (arghh, i'm gonna be 2#%#@%#@ soon!)


anyways, here's an EOTN using my newly arrived taylormade pigments:

used: Modelco Brow kit in Dark, UDPP, Taylormade e/s in Bone on the inner one-thirds of the lid, Taylormade e/s in Marine on the rest of the eyelid area and on the contour, MAC e/s in Ricepaper applied under the browbones as highlight, L'oreal Lash Architect mascara in Black and In2it eyeliner in Brown on the lower lash lines.

used: Guerlain concealer on blemishes, MAC Studio Fix Liquid in NC25 all over the face using MAC 187 brush, MAC blush in Dollymix, MAC Accentuate and Sculpt used to contour nose, Bodyshop concealer on the undereyes, MUFE Mat Loose Powder to set makeup and In2it Sheer Lipstick in Peach (looks like pink on me) topped with MAC gellee in Dewy Jube

I am loving MAC Studio Fix liquid...i've tried applying it using my fingers and it went okay, but i think applying it using my MAC 187 brush gave me the finish that i wanted. But i am trying not to use this foundation everyday since i've been reading a lot of feedbacks that it causes some people to break out. and i am already breaking out, and the least thing that i want to see on my face is another pimple popping out! but with regards to coverage, this by far won the battle among my other non-mmu foundation.


i'm definitely using this foundation on Saturday! (the wedding...not mine though! hehhe)



jing said...

this reminds me how i love greens. you're light, and it looks great on you. love the blending and combo.

AskMeWhats said...

Hi sis! Why are you depressed?? NOT Because of your birthday please! YOu looked great and you don't look "old" at all! :) hehehhe at least eventhough we aged, we aged gracefully! :) When's your birthday? Advance happy birthday sis! :) I love your EOTN, it looks great, and yup, no worries, we love to see your make up...whether you used the color again and again, its still ok :)

Unknown said...

jie-jie thanks again! love na kita, pinupuri mo ko. heheh

nikki waahh, i look old no...kita mo undereyes ko itim na wrinkled pa. hehehe...lapit na bday ko sis, mag-25 na ako. hahah sa cinco de mayo :P

Anonymous said...

wah sis you make me older *cough 2# cough* aha you thought i would reveal my age noh? lol! seriously, this is a very bright yet fresh EOTD. good for you that you are loving SF now! it is my top foundie too! if only i can wear it everyday!

AskMeWhats said...

Hi sis, NO NO NO you don't look old at all!!! And you know what? I have the bags you have and worst pa! hahaha and you know what? I think it has to do with the work as well, especially our work and we have to be in front of the computer the whole day! My bags are worst compared to years ago when I'm not working in front of the comp :) Advance happy bday sis!!!!

stylishmomy said...

ano ka va! u dont look old no!! pwede pang passed up as 21? hehehehe
regarding the EOTD, thats gorgeous! I love greens and like always, your e/s application is great. Is that the color combo youre gona use for the wedding? coz that's a winner to me!

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