Tuesday, April 22, 2008

BEAUTY TIP: How to apply Mascara...

Start by applying mascara only to the top lashes. That may be enough, especially if you're prone to smudging. If you like to wear it on both the top and bottom fringe, apply to the bottom lashes first.

So, how do we apply mascara in such a way that it will make our eyes pop and be more beautiful instead of making us look like a panda or worse, hit by Manny Pacquiao?

Here are the steps:

1. First, wipe off the mascara wand with a tissue or against the sides of the tube so that the mascara won't clump on your lashes.

2. Roll out the want on your lashes from the base to the ends. Start with the middle lashes, then apply to the lashes on each side. (you can also wiggle the wand from the base of your lashes going up)

3. Let one coat dry for about 30 seconds before applying another coat

4. After applying, brush through your lashes with an old toothbrush or an eyelash comb.

Tip: If your want to make your eyes look like they're set farther apart, apply the mascara slightly diagonally and outward, toward the outer corner of your eyes.

taken from FAST BEAUTY: 1000 Quick Fixes


Keith said...

When I am ready to start wearing make up, I will give you a call. Youi have a funb blog. Thank you for sharing online.

Anonymous said...

ateh next time naman...eyebrow application tips.. hehehe

i have another tag message for you

AskMeWhats said...

YES YES YES! You are sooo right! BUt I find myself really really LAZY in applying mascara hehehe thanks for the reminder to apply it the right way...

Anonymous said...

goodness, except for #1, I don't do the rest. I change mascaras so often to see which one I'd like. I like Maybelline Full n Soft so far, and the best way to avoid the clumping for me is to apply not from/close to the base of the eyelashes, but at the middle. Works well.

Unknown said...

hi there keith, thanks for dropping by. and sure, shoot me a message if there's anything you want to know and i'll try to answer it. :)

annie i dont think you need an eyebrow shading tutorial. hehehe, i'll try to post one for you but for now you can try this one from sis nikki (pahiram sis!) http://askmewhats.blogspot.com/2008/03/drawing-your-own-brows.html

nikki hehehe nicopy ko lang sa beauty book chuva ko yan, from now on i'll be posting some tips para naman maging useful din itong blog site ko. LOL

jie, pareho tayo...i try to roadtest different brands of mascara but for now, the L'oreal Lash Architect is my HG. I just wish i can find one in brown, it was just given to me by an officemate who got it in SG. so i'm not sure if it's available here.

AskMeWhats said...

sis hahaha ok lang for sending the link! That was so nice of you! :) hahaha you know what? YOu posting those eotd/eotn look is sooo useful din no!!!!

Unknown said...

I’m laughing because of this line on your post: “making us look like a panda or worse, hit by Manny Pacquiao?” Anyway, thanks for the tips!
~Pauline @Kallony

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