Wednesday, April 9, 2008

been tagged: ALL ABOUT HAIR

Thanks for the tag, Nikki!

Oh well, i haven't been that problematic about my hair since i've been wearing it short for like, hmm..4yrs already? I used to have really long hair, i think the longest was way past my waist...but unlike other ladies out there who cut their hair short to look younger, i keep it short to make me look more matured and yeah, older. (and more biatch..hahah) yep, i actually look younger when i have longer hair. some people would even tell me i look like a highschool student...but i guess now that i'm approaching "old age" i think i would need to grow it long again. tee-hee :P

Length: Short, been like this for more than 4 yrs
Type: Straight and fine...or should i say, limp? argh!
Condition: Normal..not oily, not dry...but limp! argh (again)
Color: Light Brown (just colored my hair again last weekend)

Favorite Shampoo & Conditioner: None in particular. i just use whatever's available. or i try to get what's new in the market. my hair isn't that picky in hair products. sometimes i wish my hair gets damaged so it wouldn't be so straight and limp like this. Right now i have L'oreal Elseve, the red variant (for colored hair).
Favorite Deep Conditioner: St. Ives (can't remember what variant, but again, for colored hair)
Favorite Leave in Conditioner: Ack, i don't use one. I don't need my hair to be softer and finer than this. I know some would say how they wish they have my hair...well, i do wish i have theirs. I guess people will just not be satisfied with what they have, no?
Favorite Hair Spray: Finesse Volumizing Spray (this is what i need really, but still my hair goes limp as soon as i comb it or run my fingers through it)

I am guessing that most of you ladies out there have been tagged already. But for those who aren't tagged yet, feel free to repost this.

Now looking back at what i've written makes me think "how come i can't be this simple when it comes to makeup?"


Post away ladies! (kisses)

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Unknown said...

Finesse is a great product. I didn't have problems using it...and it did a great job moisturizing my hair!
~Pauline @Kallony

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