Friday, April 4, 2008

broke but happy...

i went home early today since i've nothing to do in the office but surf, surf, surf. and what i hate about it is i get to see a lot of raves bout this and that...and i end up buying the items for me to try (tee-hee..)

so despite the fact that i was late for work last night, i still went home 2 hours earlier. tsk tsk...bad, bad. anyways, i woke up hours later and i decided to go to the mall since i need to get another shade of MAC Studio Fix (remember, me trying to be an NC15? toink!). I told myself not to get anything else but the SF and probably the Sculpt and Shade (geesh, i need to have cheekbones)...just those two...just those two, is what i kept on reminding myself.

...but still, i failed. LOL. well, not really...

here's my latest MAC loot, and my second attempt with the Studio Fix liquid:

Studio Fix Powder Foundation in NC25, Sculpt and Shape, Studio Fix Liquid Foundation in NC25 and Studio Lights.

(sorry for the pic, don't mind the whitish spot in the Sculpt and Shape...might be the flash or something)

I think NC25 suits me...well it's still lighter than my neck but i'm acidic and after sometime it will blend in my skin. I also got the powder foundation because i love the way it set my liquid foundation while helping cover my blemishes. The Studiolights is an instant favorite, it gives your skin the glow despite the heavy layer of makeup (SA had to pile up on foundation, hmp..i hate my face!)

anyways, here's a pic of my makeover. The SA gave me one even though i told her that i'm not going anywhere but catch on some sleep after. Heheheh..

i look different, no? i look...hmm, older? :( well, one reason might be i havent been sleeping that much for days now. my face is breaking out and i have a really bad case of eye bags and wrinkles under my eyes. :( also, i didnt like the shade of the lipstick she used...i'm not into reds. but i love the way she sculpted my nose, it lookes like i have this really nice nose...well, maybe not that nice but hey, it's better than my nose! :P

I wanted so bad to get the Fluidline in Blacktrack, together with the 266 brush and some eyeshadows. But i had to stop myself. Ive been spending too much on makeup lately...this is really turning into an addiction.

After MAC, i decided to drop by Rustan's and check out Clinique. My face is breaking out so bad (must be the stress? stress of trying to be productive at work, when i have nothing to do actually) and i terribly need some help. I know my derma's gonna kill me but i think she wouldn't mind if i tell her its from Clinique.

I got the trial set of the 3-step skincare for oily skins (DDMM, Clarifying Lotion #3 and Facial Wash) and the post-blemish stick (green stick below). What i love about Clinique is they are so generous with their freebies. If you've purchased Php3500, you'll get a bag of goodies (left) with the following: 7 day scrub, moisturizer, DDMM for normal skins, Repairwear Eyecream, Powder Foundation and Lip Plumper). I've been reading great reviews bout the eyecream so i'm really thrilled to get a generous amount for a freebie.

The SA suggested that i get the blemish gel but apparently, it's out-of-stock (hmp!) but she's so nice that she gave me some on a little plastic container (while hiding from their supervisor since they are not allowed to give samples from small testers). At first i wanted to get the full size of their 3-step skincare for oily skins which has a retail price of Php4600 for i could to get to save much since the toner is a 400ml plastic bottle and the rest are also in big sizes (really big!) but again, i stopped and told myself that i would still need to try this stuff first. if it works, i am definitely going back to get the full sizes. besides, the trial set is enough to last hmmm..2-3 weeks?

I am setting aside Obagi for now, since my face is still breaking out. But once these zits have dried up, i'm gonna use it again for the scars.

I will post updates on my new skincare regimen.

today's loot

Geesh, i've been shelling out a lot of moolah for makeup lately and now with skincare. I am so damn broke, but so damn happy as well :)

gotta go back to sleep now!



AskMeWhats said...

*gasp* SIS SIS SIS! YOU Shopped! You cheated! hahaha but don't worry, I bought Sculpt and Shape myself and I bought the "shadester" one :D I love it, it's uber useful!

Yay you're a clinique 3-step program lady as well! *high five* You did the right thing, give it a try first and see if it works for you, at least you won't spend too much and later knowing products isn't good on you :) Good luck sis! Hope you sleep well and rest ok?

Liz said...

oh my gawd! you shopped again? i have to cure you, NOW!


i look 10 years older these days because i haven't been sleeping well too.

you can do a much better job than the MUA who did your makeup, btw.. she needs a tip or two from you. haha!

Unknown said...

yeah sisters, i cheated! :( i am really an addict. but talaga i need to stop shopping muna or else i'd be really broke and wont have a budget for the makeup classes i'd be taking next month. waaahhh

yeah, even mom says i look older sa pic. maybe the black eyeliner? lolz..or baka i really am old na. waa!

Liz said...

you're still young noh..

wrong makeup can make us look old though. :-/

you're gonna take up makeup classes too? coolness!

sa june pa umpisa ng course ko. :-( i'm getting impatient.

Unknown said...

sis liz, yep...hopefully by next month. sana i can save up for it (Wish ko langggg) the tuition fee isnt that expensive pero the stuffs that you'd be using ang mahal, most esp if you'd be using high end brands. i really hope i can use my mmus for the eyeshadows and even blushes para foundations na lang.

i had plans of getting work in Singapore before, then probably take up makeup classes there. is it really expensive? i am hoping you can give me an idea...message me? LOLz

i saw your post sa blog mo, you are not old no! you really look like my sister. she drops by your blog too...and she admits, she looks like you daw..i told her, sinuswerte siya coz you look prettier than her. hahaha, salbaheng kapatid.

Liz said...

salbaheng kapatid nga! haha!

check your multiply account.. i sent you a short note already. :-)

AskMeWhats said...

sis!!! anong school balak mo? And are you really joining na? WOW!!! Sige sis update mo kami if you finally enrolled who knows? I'm going to be your classmate, but if ever, I don't want to shop with you, mapapagastos din ako! hahaha

Anonymous said...

wow what a haul?!?! i'm envious 'cause i'm on a no-buy... long story. :( but i'm happy 'cause i saw yours! lol.

Unknown said...

liz yep will reply to that later..thanks sis (hugs)

nikki yep, im planning to enroll next month. will you be joining CAS? im thinking of going to lasalle kasi para saturdays lang. hassle pag weekdays eh, lam mo naman ako taong-gabi hehehe

moi ows, ikaw no-buy? babantayan kita ...hhee for sure you're gonna break than no-buy thingie. lolz

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