Friday, April 25, 2008

dum di dum di dum...

matetenten to me...matetenten to me...
matetenten, matetenten
matetenten to me...

this is how my sister, sam, used to sing the happy birthday song when she was hmmm...2 or 3 years old? tee-hee...she even says tsolokeyt (cholocate) instead of chocolate.


okay, 'nuff with that...this isn't about my sister's weird pronounciation of things when she was little...i'd have another post for that

in a couple of days from now, i'd be turning 25 (you wish!).
okay fine, i'm turning 2#%@#! (what?)
i'm turning 2#&#$! (what?)
geesh, are you deaf (or blind?) i said, i'm turning 2^$#&*$!

anyways, i just wanna be like a kid again..and as a kid, i guess i have the right to list down all the things i want to get as my birthday gift. the thing is, this "kid" is lemming for not so kiddy-like things anymore...hhehhee. so what exactly do i want for my birthday?

just a few stuffs, actually....

these stuffs from MAC:

MAC 224

MAC 217
(just because i sold mine months ago...i never thought i'd be into eyeshadows!)

MAC 239
(i just want another one)

MAC 266

MAC 182

Heatherette Trio 1

Heatherette Trio 2

Heatherette lipsticks in Melrose Mood and Hollywood Nights

Beauty Powder Blushes in True Romantic, Eversun and Sweetness

MAC Fafi blush in Fashion Frenzy

SUESH 28-pc brush set:

These stuffs from GUESS:

and lastly, this pair of boots from NINEWEST (in brown):

or just

so i can buy (all) those stuffs and pay for my tuition fee in makeup school!

geessshh...i can go do this all day. there's no harm in dreaming, right? anyways, this is just my wishlist...but it would be really great if some (everything, is better...LOL) in my list will be mine on my 2#%^%& birthday! hehehhe

i better start praying now, eh?

ohhhh pleaseee...let me have them.i'd be a good girl from now on, i promise!


oh well...



AskMeWhats said...

WOW !!! You've got a looonggg list of your birthday wishes! But it's free to wish right? hehehe Wow i am lemming for the heatherette Trio too!!! I am wishing it's my birthday again so i can post a LONGGGGEEERRR birthday last feb, i just had a very short list..I was shy I"m NOT!!!! hahahaha

Liz said...

whew.. "just a few stuff" indeed! hahaha!

my birthday is still moooooonths away but i intend to post something like this, when the time comes. Mr. A reads my blog, you know. *evil grin*

where's the party?

matetenten is too cute! i wish i had a younger sister.

sab said...

i love the trio! and you must've really love mac! :) advance happy birthday hun! i hope you get your wish(es). hehehe

stylishmomy said...

Oh! Advance Matenten to you dear =)
that's just a lil stuff right? hahaha
I wish youll get ALL that you want on your bigday. MAC brushes *drools and faints* lol

Was able to try out monistat yesterday dear, two thumbs up! thankssssssss ulet, I'll thank you everyday hehe =)

jing said...

182 is sooooo soft! until it started shedding on me. but most girls at makeupalley said their 182 did not shed. So I must have been one unlucky gal. Heatherette sold out pretty quickly! I would have loved to get Hollywood Nights, but there's an amplified cream l/s that's a very close dupe to it. Also, I think style minx l/g is very special.

Gracie said...

Hmm... Definitely a wish list of a make up addict ha ha ha! Well... there's nothing wrong with wanting pretty little things...

Anyway... advance happy birthday Jheng and I wish you'll get all the things you wanted on your special day :)... I could've given you one of the things in your list but you're about over 8,000 miles away from me (tease) and it'll be too late if I post it (more tease)... I saw a pair of those nine west boots yesterday and they were on 10% at House of Fraser (more tease)

Alright alright... no more teases... HAVE A FABULOUS BIRTHDAY GORGEOS! MUAH MUA MUAH!!!!

Anonymous said...

advance happy birthday Jheng! i hope you get some (if not all) from your wish list! force Mr. X to get some for yah haha!

stylishmomy said...

sister, my P*** look is up na hahaha
my gulay, what happened to my language? lol You gota GET Hollywood nights l/s! like 3 of them haha.

Unknown said...

[b]nikki[/b] hehehe, yeah my list is kinda short pa nga. the thing is, i rarely ask mr.X to buy stuffs for me and if ever i do it wont be makeup coz for sure i'd get a lot of sermon from him...but i'll try to ask him to at least get me the shoes! hahaha

hiyee [b]liz[/b], nahh..there won't be a party coz my bday falls on a sucks i know. i used to invite friends for dinner and then "inuman" later but for this year, i dunno...since it's a monday probably i'll just have lunch with my family at home and head back to manila to work. argh!

thanks, thanks [b]sab[/b]! i'm wishing to get most, if not all, in my list! hehehe darn! i wanna get them all for myself but i'm still on a no buy. see that nikki! i'm holding on to my promise! hahaha

hey [b]virginal chloe[/b], i'm glad you got it na. sowee it took so long, my tita kasi eh. hehehe..thanks thanks again and post more FOTDs okay? heheh i love your look with the HN lippie. darn, u make me die with envy

[b]jie jie[/b] can i call you one lovely enabler too! hahaha, i wanna get that 182 since my Red Earth kabuki is shedding to much already. had it for less than a year pa lang and now i get asthma whenever i use it because of the hair! hmp, kainesz!

[b]gracie[/b] you pretty witch! you are such a tease! huwaaaaahh! thanks dearie and i am so looking forward to meeting you when you come home. make sure it'll be for more than a day, coz we have a lot of catching up to do! wahahaha

thanks [b]mhean[/b], yeah i wish i can have all of them. shucks, this is the time i would like mom and X to see my blog. heheheh

Shen said...

advance hapiburtdei!! knowing your shopping determination personality, i'm helluva sure you'll get all these!! :) kaw po... a little puppy eyes to eyes to mom, a little sultry smile to the boyfie.. viola! :)

i do agree you get the 217! it's the best brush ever!! IMO! get the trios too!! i hope i get my hands on those two as well. it's darn expensive lang kasi. :) i'd like to get my hands on the 182! uber soft especially when the mineral mac arrives here. :)

your list is waaayyy short from mine. i'm the epitome of material girl! :)

add some more!!

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