Monday, April 28, 2008


last friday night, i arrived in the office at almost midnight. geesh, late for two hours again! tee-hee. good thing we are in flexi, or else i should've been fired for my extreme tardiness a long time ago :P

anyways, i arrived in the office and guess what greeted me? FOOD! yep, it was time for our monthly pig-out in our department. hehehe...there were boxes of pizza, chicken, drinks and of course, lasagna, from Pizza hut. usually, we go out to have dinner but i think they might have guessed that i'd be coming in late again so they decided to just have our food delivered in the office.

too bad i wasn't able to take pictures of us pigging out. i didn't have my digicam with me. then i remembered that i have a cam phone, duh! oh well, i was able to catch what's left of my pig-out session here it is, and take a peek of my organized and very professional workstation. hahhaha

hmmm...very yummy...and oily lasagna! LOLz

so now you know what i do at work... ;)
and yep, that's BATMAN on top of my CPU...a remembrance from my former officemate, Vic.

my vanity desk...i mean, my workstation! you might be wondering how come i only have few kikay stuffs on my desk. well, i do have a pedestal on my station which houses my lotions, facial washes, and food!

at least i have some documents on my table! :P

today, before hearing mass, X brought me to Jollibee coz i've been throwing tantrums all day for i've been craving for their chocolate sundae. when we got there, i got myself their macapuno ice craze. so what happened to the sundae? well, i made him get it, and its just like having both! wahahaha

and here's me looking stupid while enjoying my food:

this was stolen. he called my name and poof!

stupid, hungry me

i was totally camwhoring!

so there...i just thought of sharing these.



jing said...

another MUFE super mat user! I use this a whole lot and love it!

AskMeWhats said...

Hi Sis! hahahhahaha Super cute pix and i got super hungry with the lasagna ha! Now it's almost 12nn..almost lunchtime...

Your table looks soo clean! Mine looks soooo nerdy :) :) But you know my secret? I'm using the other table just right in front of me for make up and stuffs...coz mine is just too crowded with docs :) Love the camwhoring sessions!

Liz said...

hehe.. baaad girl. blogging at work. ;-)

i would do the same if i were working. :-D

cute photos! you really know how to flirt with the camera.

Iambrigitte said...

hi jie jie yep, i also use the mat liquid foundation. and it's one of my hg non-mmu foundation ;)

sis nikkihehehe, actually my officemates are joking me that my workstation looks more like a parlor or a canteen.

hehehe, its just that for weeks now, i have nothing to do at work liz so what else can i do, but blog!

AskMeWhats said...

hahahah ang cute! hehehhe pero grabe..great combination girl! You're into beauty and food! yay :)

jing said...

i wanted to like it too, but i'm between 40 and 45. i refuse to buy two bottles cos i'm cheap like that. also when i tested the samples, i think i broke out. I couldn't figure out whether it was the nars lp or mufe, i just thought it was mufe because i've been using nars for awhile.

Shen said...

you made me hungry!! and i just got here at the comp shop! bad girl!! :) lol! i do that to boyfie too.. make him order stuff i wanna eat and then try another dish. lol! :)

i love your work station and the bag... drool worthy. noticed it coz i'm like that. i could spot chanel meters away. :)

know what? i forget i have a cam phone too! lol!

sab said...

yep. the lasagna made me hungry too! and i want slurpee with it. haha.:)

Anonymous said...

gotta love lasagna! makes me wanna have some tomorrow! *slurps*

Vi Anne said...

naka gutom ang lasagna! you looks so adorable in the candied pix. :)

Iambrigitte said...

sis nikki, makeup and food are my absolute bisyos! hehehe

too bad MUFE liquid foundation doesnt work for you jie, coz i love it to bits. really has a great staying power even without a primer.

hahah pareho tayo shen, i've been ignoring the camera feature of my phone eversince i got a new digicam. i am so bad like think i used to love my cam phone so much!

aww, now you just made me crave for slurpee too, sab!

pa-lasagna ka naman jan, mhean! hahahha

aw, thanks vi-anne. how come you girls can appreciate the way i look. mr X on the other hand would not. grrr

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