Wednesday, April 9, 2008

home-made brush cleanser...

we all know that cleaning our makeup brushes before using them is a big must. in my case, i clean my face brushes at least 2x a week (unless i use them for cream/liquid foundation, in which case i clean them after each use) and my eyeshadow brushes before i use them.

for my eyeshadow brushes, i make use of my ever-reliable Beauty Bar Makeup brush cleanser. but as you all know, i've been buying a lot of makeup these days and i have to look for some ways to cost-cut on some of my expenses. in less than a week, i'd be able to finish up the bottle of my BB brush cleanser...i need to get another one before it happens. but i'm on a no-buy (yeah, right!) so i would need to come up with something that will be as effective but at the same time be able to save me at least Php 500!

my big thanks to Nikki for posting her version of the home-made brush's indeed a peso-saving post! so now i have a few more bucks to add to my MAC Heatherette fund.


i know a lot of you have already posted the steps on how to make this cleanser, but i'm gonna post mine anyways...

what you need:

water (distilled or tap water...whatever!), dishwashing liquid, alcohol 70% solution, leave-on conditioner (liquid-type) and baby shampoo

empty bottle to store your brush cleanser, mixing container, measuring cup and spoons

step 1: Pour a cup of water to your mixing container

step 2: Add 1/4 cup of alcohol to your mixing container

step 3: Add 1/2 tbsp of dishwashing liquid

step 4: Add 1/2 tbsp of baby shampoo

step 5: Add 1 tbsp of leave-on conditioner

step 6: Using a stirrer, mix all the ingredients

step 7: And finally, pour the liquid into your empty bottle

and're home-made makeup brush cleanser:

i just saved a few hundreds of peso...and that alone makes me all giddy, more peso being added to the Heatherette fund.

yahoooo! LOL

and of course, mom gotta have one too (roll eyes)

hehehhe...a bottle for the kikay daughter, and a bottle for the more kikay mom! :)


AskMeWhats said...

hey sis! I'm sooo happy you made it! With pictures pa!!! It saves me a whole lot of money as I'm always putting on make up to my friends and I need to have them disinfected and cleaned EVERY TIME!!!! And I've used up like 3 home made bottle already!!! YAY!!!! Another tip, you can buy a small spray bottle or an empty spray bottle and you can spray it on your brushes if you're in a hurry or on the go, at least, it gets to be disinfected :D yay!!!

stylishmomy said...

dear thanks for posting this =) will surely make my own.

Unknown said...

nikki, ay talga..pede din sha spray!? (toinks) cge wait ko maubos ung BB cleanser ko then lilipat ko dun. hehhe
sobrang thank you for posting this before. at shempre nag-effort pa ako magkuha ng pics ano. LOL

chloe, im glad you like it. need na magtipid para makapagpondo kay mareng heatherette! :D

Gracie said...

Wow! This is impressive! I'll try it too when I'm not feeling lazy. At the moment I've been nicking my son's Johnson's baby shampoo and conditioner ha ha ha! I've seen a Jane Iredale brush shampoo and conditioner but they're quite expensive so I'm still thinking about it.

See? I'm living in dark ages ha ha ha!

Well done for your effort in posting this though... I'm sure many will get into making their home made brush cleanser ;) (Including MOI!) xxx

kikayhouse said...

hi sis good day, may i know where did you buy the cream silk leave on conditioner lite fix? parang di na ata available to market ngayon..went to sm and watsons yesterday kaso wala silang ganito ang meron lng yung pink and dark blue na nakasachet..hope to receive your reply the soonest. thanks much and have a nice day sis! :D

kikayhouse said...
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