Tuesday, April 8, 2008

i need help...

hi ladies...i am hoping that you can help me with my problem.
well, here it goes:
two weeks from now, i will be attending a friend's wedding where i am one of the secondary sponsors (i'll be in charge of the cord) and i am thinking of doing my own hair and makeup...not because i think i am good at it (i still suck in blending, big time!) but because it's hard to find a good MUA back in the province. the one i know has already been contacted and engaged to do the groom's (and his family) makeup.
so i have no other choice but to do my own.
the wedding's motif is green and copper...and it's a late-afternoon wedding (around 3-4pm). reception will be held in an open-area and it might be windy at that time and well, humid because it's already summer. i've been thinking of putting my hair down because i have short hair but i'm afraid that i'll be perspiring too much because of the temperature and my makeup. so aside from the makeup, i would need some suggestions on how to do my hair as well.
suggestions are very much welcome and appreciated. please help me...or maybe, you can just be my MUA for that day?


AskMeWhats said...

hi sis! I'm 101% you can do your own make up and people will like it!!!! You know the tricks na eh!!! for hair, since your hair is short, you can just use a flat iron and kinda put a li'l bit of curl below! para wavy tignan konti! :) then use a headband that has crystals or something para cutey tignan :D

D said...

yeah sis... u dont need a mua na... im sure u will look fab doing ur own make up... e mas magaling ka pa sa mac mua e dba??? lolz... goodluck sis... cant wait too see ur finish product para makakuha na naman ako ng tips:)

Tracy Roa said...

i agree with the rest. i'm sure you can do your own make-up. as for the hair, mine is short, also, so i can't really do much with it. haha. my boyfriend's sister has short hair, and for their oldest brother's wedding, the stylist gave her spiral curls all over, and it looked really nice.

Unknown said...

sis nikki, curls? actually i want that too, but dont you think my hair is too short pa? :( isip ko gulo-gulohin ko na lang then ill just use a headband with crystals nga. but the thing is, it's summer and you know naman gano ka-humid sa atin ngayon (kumusta naman yan! lol) so baka mamaya maging madungis na akong tignan pag natulo na pawis ko. hahahaha

sis dyan, thanks sa tiwala hahah pero pag wala ako sa mood i tend to overdo it or kaya naman as in flat lang. baka sa kasal magmukha akong zombie or ewan hehe

tracy, i want curls too. but like what i've asked nikki, dont u think mine is too short pa? :(

Tracy Roa said...

i have a pic here if you wanna check it out:


she's the one in the middle. her hair was the same length as yours when we took this pic in hawaii last year. it was pretty warm during the time, too.

AskMeWhats said...

sis i'm not saying curls na duper curls, yung...hmm..can't explain, let me try, use your flat iron, then just curl it below..parang instead of patikwas, your curl it going in, parang BOB look :) hehehhe wag mong guluhin ang hair mo! hahaha humidity and our weather sucks these days :) so just do a bit of volume lang :)

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