Tuesday, April 15, 2008


relax...i didn't buy them, got them from a swap...hehehehe!

thanks to a fellow girltalker, Rheina...now i can try this cheap but effective face primer MONISTAT!
wooo-hooo i am excited to try this out tonight.

also, she's so generous in giving out freebies! i love, love them all!


oh...before i forget, here's my loot:

(L to R): Monistat anti-chafing gel, Maybelline roller e/s, Maybelline lip smooth balm and careline loose e/s

weeeee...i'm uber excited to try Monistat. me hoping that i won't breakout though since my face already is breaking out terribly!

again, thanks sis Rheina!



AskMeWhats said...

Hey sis jheng! Loot loot loot :) at least its a swap! Sis if you've given careline loose e/s a try, give us a review ok? And I would like to know how you find Maybelline roller e/s, coz I don't like 'em personally, after several uses, I find them getting stuck inside the roller and difficult to roll the e/s consistently :) Just my 2 cents :) Yay with monistat and hope you dont' break out no more!

Gracie said...

Oh! I love your greens! They look absolutely stunning on you! Go girl!

Unknown said...

nikki alright, will post a review on careline e/s soon..actually i have 3 of these na dati pa, but they crease on my uber oily lids and i havent discovered UDPP before. but im gonna try them again on top of that primer and will let you know ;) i've tried monistat tonight and hmmm, it's nice...really gives you a smooth canvas for your foundation.

gracie thanks again...looking forward to seeing Taylormade and Sheer Cover on you ;)

Anonymous said...

wow you got Monistat! mine's still on its way ugh i hate waiting. hehe.

AskMeWhats said...

sis! Yup, saw your previous post with regards to Careline, and Yes, I know you have UDPP now..hahah so if you don't mind as in dept review :) hehehe Thanks sis in advance..and NO PRESSURE..anytime! :D

stylishmomy said...

Nice loot, sexy.. and THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! like a million thanks! haha
regarding Careline loose e/s I actually have one! and its a staple in my make up kit.. I got the "Mestiza white" shade and its really nice.. I use it as a highlighter, e/s base if I want to use other colors, or use it alone as my e/s. Its not on par with MAC for sure, but for the price? its not a crime to try!
will wait for your review on it sis! =)

Unknown said...

sis chloe, will send it tomorrow ;) pati ako excited.

anyways sis nikki, i am wearing my careline loose e/s tonight so watch out for the review, hopefully this morning i can post na.

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