Tuesday, April 22, 2008


just to clarify...or rather explain myself, these loots were bought before my NO-BUY promise began. well...hmm, yeah! BEFORE and not AFTER. :P

oh, except for the last set of loot, which i got for free and i only had to pay for the shipping. :)

my Lauress and CoastalScents packages:


samples of foundations, concealers, primers and finishing powders




the concealers

the primer and finishing powders

a "thank you" from Lauren...aint she sweet!?


the brushes:

(L-R): Italian Badger Round Crease brushes, Pink De Luxe Oval Shadow brush, Foundation Concealer brush, Blending brushes and Chisel fluff medium shadow brush

The Pink de luxe oval shadow brush is too large to be used on my eyes, but i found another good use for it: contour brush for my nose! yep...that's where i use it. well, at least i found a way to use it...'ayt!?

The Italian Badger Round Crease brush which i love and can be a good dupe for MAC 219 (IMHO), but i've noticed that after a few washes, the bristles are not that firm anymore...or maybe i just wash my brush too much.

The Blending brushes...now these i can't find a way to make use of them. The hairs are too flimsy, i doubt if i can blend colors using them. I can't even use them to pack colors.

The medium fluff chisel e/s brush. this is my 2nd...and i have one that i got from Watercolors in Shang. So i actually have 3: 2 from CS and the one from Shang which i got for Php400++. I love this brush, great for packing colors into my eyelids, and sometimes to blend too (when i'm that lazy to reach out for my blending brush, which i only have one. yaiks!)

The Foundation Concealer brush, which is my new fave when it comes to concealer brushes. The first one i have is from Bare Escentuals, both provide optimum coverage.

my makeup brush holder...i got myself another one! i use this to house my Face brushes and some eyeshadow brushes.

and the loot i got from iheartminerals:

samples of foundations, eyeshadows and a finishing powder

8 sample baggies of foundation

samples of eyeshadows...i love the colors!

finishing powder

I am pleased with these free samples i got from a fellow Girltalker who started creating her own mmu line. She gave me generous samples and all i had to pay for is the shipping. I love her foundation (tested: Matte 3) which i applied wet. I didnt have to apply a concealer because the foundation itself is enough to cover my stubborn blemishes.

Watch out for my full review on her mmu line and for her entire collection which is coming out real soon! Again, thanks to MARIE of Iheartminerals!

I have a few more packages to arrive and after that, my week will never be the same again. i doubt if i would be getting a new package after they have all arrived. i am on an official NO BUY still....



AskMeWhats said...

wow sis! nice loot!!! ahahaha I was smiling when you were explaining that you got these BEFORE the NO BUY mode..hehehe sige na nga..hahaha :) WOW WOW Brushes !!!!

Unknown said...

hahaha..i know i'd be getting SERMONs kasi eh. ehehhe...

hey, you are so good in applying makeup to other people ha! are you enrolled na ba in CAS?

AskMeWhats said...

hahaha sis I'm one of those who'll sermon you like there's no tomorrow! hahaha But at least, you explained it well..so you're forgiven!!!! hehehe

Sis! I'm not enrolled at CAS! Practice practice practice talaga! Tiyaga talaga me on practicing my colleagues coz I'll be making my own portfolio this coming Saturday!!!! *nervous nervous* I'm sure you can do well :) or even BETTER! :)

Anonymous said...

Jheng, too dark ba sayo ang Soft Gold and Pure Gold ng Lauress? Kung dark sayo bilin ko na lang samples mo kung okay lang :-)

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