Wednesday, April 9, 2008

lured into Lure Beauty...

so just right before i headed back to Manila, i tried my luck by calling the post office to check if i have a package. i i know, i know...i just got my 3 packages last week. but hey, i'm still waiting for 5 more! :P

and guess what...i have a package! just one though...darn!

anyways, this came from Lure Beauty....thanks to my fellow Girltalkers who are such lovely enablers. i got my
self (and Jamie) a bottle of emu oil and some mineral makeup samples.

sample mineral foundations, a blush and setting powder and two 2-Oz bottle of emu oil
(been reading a lot of raves about this emu oil)


Lure's packaging is awesome too:

nice, huh!? i can't wait to try them. in fact, i am gonna try them tonight :)



jing said...

Silent reader here. I wonder what your whole makeup storage looks like. You've got so much stuff, and 5 more? btw, on your post with your mom below. You look so young, and so does your mom! Both of you are so pretty.

Unknown said...

hi jie, hehehe i have a post with pics of my makeup stash..but that was like 3months ago i think :) yeah, i'm such a shopaholic. but the thing is, makeup is the only thing im addicted to (aside from food, heheh) unlike other girls who collect bags, shoes, clothes, etc.

thanks for visiting my blog. hope to hear from you soon!


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