Thursday, April 24, 2008

My makeup routine...

and because i've been sitting here in front of my office computer doing nothing except browsing, i decided to just pass away the time by blogging. (what else is new...) anyways, i got this topic from J.ROSE and since i've been wanting to post about this for a long time, i decided to do it now.

so what is my makeup/skincare routine?

here it goes:

1. after shower, i wrap my hair with a towel and then i apply my toner (clinique clarifying lotion 3).
2. i apply eye cream (clinique repairwear)
3. put visine on my eyes (sometimes i skip this just because i am lazy)
4. i apply moisturizer (clinique DDML)
5. i apply lip balm

while waiting for my moisturizer to sink into my skin, i then start working with my eyes. months ago, when i was still not into applying eyeshadows, i just curl my lashes and then apply mascara. but because i got addicted (i still am) with mmu e/s i had to fit in this part.

6. i apply UDPP all over my lid up to the brows and sometimes on the lower lids
7. apply eyeshadow (inner lid, outer lid, outer-V, crease and below the browbones)
8. curl my lashes
9. apply mascara

by this time, my moisturizer has been absorbed already (believe me, i spend a lot of time with my eyes) so i go back to my face

10. apply face primer (smashbox, mmu primer or monistat gel)
11. apply concealer on my undereye area, sides of my nose, blemishes
12. apply foundation (MAC SF liquid, MMU, MUFE). i apply foundation using either a kabuki/flat top brush, foundation brush or just my fingers
13. then i set my foundation (MAC BLOT, MAC MSF in Natural or any mmu finishing powder)
14. apply blush
15. sometimes i also apply a highlighter on my cheeks and/or i contour my nose and cheeks

then i go back to my eyes

16. do my eyebrows
17. line my lower lash lines (sometimes i skip this step)

then my lips

18. apply lipstick
19. apply lipgloss

and then lastly,

20. spray evian mist all over my face

so that's pretty much everything...and this takes me an hour and a half to finish. and that explains why i am always late for work. actually, it takes me longer when i am on Obagi since for every product, i would sit and wait for at least 3mins before i proceed to the next.

you might be also asking why i dont use sunblock? well it's because i work at night but if i do wear sunblock, i usually do it before applying my primer.

how about you? care to share what your makeup routine is and how long it takes you to finish all those steps?


Tracy Roa said...

good post. i actually find it weird to put on e/s before foundation. haha. maybe i'll try it some time. i almost forgot that you're in PI, b/c when i looked at the day on ur post, it said thursday, and it's still wednesday over here in the US. haha.

AskMeWhats said...

hahaha wow wow wow sis! talk about the time you invest and your "tiyaga" (Salute!) make the remarks short, i put in the REGULAR/Daily Basis routine..after taking a shower, I do the Clinique 3-Step (cleanse-tone-moisturize), and while waiting for the moisturizer to sink in, i dry my hair :)

1. Liquid/powder foundation
2. Eyebrows
3. UDPP and e/s of choice
4. Blush
6. Lipbalm and lipstick :)

That's it! For the regular routine. And it takes only 15 min or less! hehehe :D

jing said...

i think it's my skincare that's taking up more time. i wait about 10 minutes to for my moisturizer to sink in and at least 15 minutes for the sunscreen to sink in. I end up with just 10 minutes left for m/u. I hope my eyeshadows don't feel rejected, they're hardly used!

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