Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Review: Smashbox Backdrop Cooling Tint

It's summer once again (well, at least here in PI :>) and can i just say that this is the hottest summer i've ever experienced? Temperatures are ranging from 32C - 34C...whoa! i just had my 3rd shower for tonight and i still sweat right after i get out of the shower. I am actually in front of my aircon while typing this post...whew!

During hot, humid days, we wish we could always reach for something that will help cool us down. Perhaps a drink (iced whatever), or food (ice cream, etc)...but how about makeup?

Last year, i was on the look out for a tinted moisturizer that i can use when i go to the gym. I know that we aren't supposed to wear makeup when working out but at least i should have something that would even my skintone and hide some redness here and there. In as much as i wanted to wear my mineral makeup, i am still scared that it would block my pores or something once i start to sweat.

So one day, i went to the mall and paid a visit to one of my favorite stores, Beauty Bar to look for a good tinted moisturizer. I was able to try several brands but the moment i tried Smashbox Cooling Tint, I immediately got sold!

cool off without taking it all off with this water-based, sheer-coverage cooling tint. not a foundation with full coverage but a moisturizing and energizing tint made with soothing ingredients to keep skin renewed and fresh. apply as a base or over makeup and after a few minutes the cooling sensation will begin. wear at the beach to keep cool and protected with the SPF 15.

i apply this all over my face after toner and then i put on my eyebrow makeup and i'm ready to go! after minutes (or seconds) of application, you'll feel an icy sensation on your face. coverage is just sheer so for those who are looking for a medium-full coverage, this is not for you. but it evens out the skin tone, provides skin with a radiant glow and is great for days when you don't feel like wearing makeup but you still need something to cover up some redness or minor blemishes on your face.

i haven't tried putting this over my makeup but i've tried using this as a base for my non-mmu or mmu foundations and it works great! also, coverage is not matte but you can always pat on your powder on top of this.

apparently, there are many shades available but here we only have 1: #1 and according to Sephora's website this is fair beige but don't worry ladies, i've tried using it on my friend's tanned skin and it didnt show up whitish or off on her. so i can say this would work on all skin tones! :)

Price: P1350 for a 51.8ml tube

Will i re-purchase? Definitely yes!



AskMeWhats said...

Hi sis! thanks for this..I am interested with this tint as there are some days I just don't feel like wearing everything!!! And this will work just for those minimal coverage...how does the cooling feels? Minty ? or is it normal? I am very particular on those minty feeling, that's why I'm so not into lip plumper! :D

No shopping week ok? hahaha

Liz said...

no smashbox here where I am living.

i have heard about this makeup brand and i really wanna try it.

Unknown said...

sis nikki, dont worry it's an icy-kinda feeling..not the minty type of feeling we get from lip plumpers (minty? or lemme say stingy? LOL) i really love this item from smashbox, a must-have this summer :)

liz, i've been a fan of smashbox since last year...actually most of my non-mmu are from this brand. i believe there's sephora in SG? dont they have smashbox?

Liz said...

we do have sephora here.. but it's just a small counter. :-p

nothing much there. :-(

Unknown said...

sis liz...awww. oh well, at least there's one reason for you not to get addicted. LOL

Shen said...

thanks! another great find. must-have nga. :) thanks for the link! :) lol! akala ko ba no-buy na? LOL! ;) keep it coming.. ako kaya kelan magkakaroon nito? i'm totally maxxed out. :)

Unknown said...

haaha sis shen, yup no-buy pa din, actually i bought this last year pa. at dahil mainit ngayon i am using it again,sarap sa face e malamig

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