Thursday, April 17, 2008

SUMMER is here!

some things i don't like bout summer:

1. the heat! who says it's Vitamin D that we get from the sun when we go out from 7am to 10am? Maybe gazillions of years ago...but now, it's Vitamin C that we get. yep, Vitamin in CANCER! I am not really fond of staying out in the sun since i get freckles on my face and on my arms (or maybe it's age spots that i get? waaaahh)

2. the beach! well, again because of the sun. i rarely go to beaches...and if ever i do, nobody can drag me out earlier than 5pm. i can be such a killjoy when i am in the beach, i tell you! and another thing why i hate going to the beach...wearing swimsuits! i can't just wear them...makes me wanna laugh at myself to death when i see myself in the mirror. so forget it!

things i like about summer:

1. bright, cheerful colors! pastels are in, smokey heavy shades of blue, black and purples are out (well, not in my case! hehehe)

2. i can get to wear mini skirts and shorts without people staring at me. well, for one thing, i am fond of wearing such clothes when i am out during weekends. yep, even when its raining. i helps me move around easily. when i'm wearing jeans, i feel suffocated...or maybe i'm wearing a size smaller than my actual size? wahahahhaa

anyways, last night, i decided to wear summery colors for my EOTN. and again, i am using Taylormade minerals :

used: UDPP, Taylormade e/s in Natal on the inner half of the lid, Taylormade e/s in Polly on the outer half od the lid and outer crease, MAC e/s in Ricepaper under the browbones, Fasio 3D Mascara and Modelco brow kit in Dark

i's odd to see people wearing such colors at night. but what the heck, they have gotten used to seeing me in weird shades all the time!


Christiana Divine @ Memoirs of A Shopping Addict said...

it's not odd! i like this combo! :0 i'd TOTALLY wear this at night. LOL. :)

Unknown said...

hahaah...thanks pretty christiana!

Liz said...

this looks so cheerful.. :-)

Gracie said...

I love this eye make up Jheng! Not many people would get away wearing that colour but you carry it off beautifully! Oh! Did I just sound like a right beauty critique? I call it a catwalk make up ha ha ha!

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