Wednesday, April 23, 2008

the wedding look that didn't make it...

for those reading Preview magazine, i bet you are familiar with the title like goes something like "the cover that didn't make it" hehehe.

anyways, for weeks i've been thinking of what look to pull off for my friend's wedding where i am one of the secondary sponsors. I was breaking out terribly and i haven't been sleeping well and that made me decide to get somebody who will do my makeup for that day.

a day before the wedding, i decided to play with makeup still trying my best to do my own makeup...and i was able to come up with this:

see..i look like i haven't sleep for ages. and my zits...ack! sorry for the pics, these are taken using my sister's cam phone. i wasn't happy with what i came up with so i didn't bother to catch this look in my digicam.

and my sister's been playing with her phone's features and she played with one of my pics and came up with this:

yeah that's me still with the wedding look on...but i was trying to look fierce, if not bitchy.


will post my actual look during the wedding later.



Liz said...

i like how you did your makeup.. too bad you're not going for that look.

jing said...

I agree with liz, it looks nice and great for a wedding! are you wearing the dress for the wedding also? it's kinda strange to see your non-smiling fotd. you look suplada but a pretty one.

AskMeWhats said...

hello jheng, I don't see it as bad bad, it looks good. It's like your natural make up look, remember? the one with you bf? hehehe you can do that to the wedding you will attend! Fresh yet simple :) Post more pix pls!!!

sab said...

yeah! can't wait for the actual wedding pic! :)

Gracie said...

Wow! Gorgeous colours! I think you look great with that make up you came up with. You didn't look like you need to catch on your sleep at all! I wish I could do that... :)

Unknown said...

[b]liz[/b] too, but it's just that i wasnt in the mood to do my makeup on the actual wedding day..i was half-sleeping actually when i was in the parlor for makeup

[b]jie[/b]hehehe i am not smiling all the time, so people often think i am such a snob (maybe it's the eyebrows? lol) nah, i wasn't wearign the dress...i was in a sando on that pic. hehhe

[b]nikki[/b] i really look bad...see the huge pimples? my face was also peeling that day and during the wedding. i'll post my actual makeup and hair next time.

hey [b]sab[/b] will post pics soon! :)

[b]gracie gorgeous[/b]ahh you do better. i love your skin, with a skin like that you won't need any makeup! swear!

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