Wednesday, April 23, 2008

what eyeshadow shades would suit you best?

choosing the best eyeshadow shade seems to be one of the most mystifying color choices for many women. the first thing to consider when choosing an eye shadow shade is how to enhance your eye color.
here are some basic guidelines about which colors go with each eye color to help narrow down your options:

Brown eyes: Shades of green, bronze, copper, amber, pale blue and gold will create subtle drama that will deepen the color of your eyes

Blue or Gray eyes: Shades with hints of brown (ex: brick, peach, purple) or yellow-gold, apricot or copper bring out the blues or smokey grays of one's eyes

Hazel or Green eyes: Mauve, gold, pale purple, pewter, lilac, bronze, light brown, apricot and khaki will make those gold and green lights flicker.

*taken from Fast Beauty 1,000 Quick Fixes
hmm...i have brown eyes and yet i play with a lot of colors. obviously, the "sutil" in me doesn't give a damn. hehehe, anyways it does say "to enhance the eye color" and i didn't see anything that says don't wear this and that color if your eyes are this color....bleh!
(geesh, i am defending myself again!)


Gracie said...

I know what you mean Jheng. It's not a crime to play with colours. I wish I was as adventurous as you are. I'm pretty boring, ha ha ha!

AskMeWhats said...

Hi Sis, there's no need to defend yourself as you're doing what MAKE UP should be....FUN !!! Make-up has no restrictions and whatever you're doing is good! :) It brightens up everyone's day!

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