Friday, April 4, 2008

what i love the most from blogs is you get a lot of information about almost anything...current events, historical facts, stories (fiction or non-fiction), poems, how-to's and of course my favorite (and for sure everybody else's) tips! :)

starting yesterday, i decided to try these beauty tips on myself. they may seem to work with others, but they may not work for me...and being the SUTIL person that i am, i wanna try them myself. and who knows, i might get great results too (fingers crossed). and again, i do hope my derma isn't reading this...hhehe

This is said to be effective in giving a clear, glowing, dewy-looking skin that is free of blackheads, pimples, cysts and other skin imperfections. If we have an oily skin (like me), we look for skincare products that will help regulate our oiliness. We sometimes tend to overdo it: exfoliating more frequent than necessary, washing our face too often and using a lot of products that promise an oil-free skin. But too much of everything isn't good...we try to get rid of oil but what we don't know is that our skin overcompensates for the lack of moisture by creating more oil. so what do we end up with? more oil that goes hand in hand with more pimples, more whiteheads and blackheads and cystic acne. yikes!
for so long, i've been in a battle with my oil glands...using a line of skincare products that promise an oil-free, glowing skin. but how come i still seem to have an oil factory on my face? maybe i'm doing something wrong...well, aside from the fact that i overdo it too! hehehe
so anyways, i just started this method today. i must say that it's weird to use oil on my uber oily skin...while i'm doing this earlier, i was thinking "what the hell am i doing here?" but what the heck, if this is the only thing that will help me...why not!? and besides, i try to keep in mind that oil combats oil...oil dissolves oil. i guess i need to repeat this in my mind while doing this. LOL
to know more about this method, click here.
and also, i've learned that Castor Oil helps you have a thicker and longer eyelashes too! Vanessa swears by it, and me want those lush and pretty lashes too!


yep, tomatoes. (first, oil and now tomatoes? what's next, jheng!? ) hehhee, i'd do anything for a great skin you know! who wouldn't?

i was reading a beauty forum and i came across this site, which has absolute great beauty tips that make use of natural ingredients. fruits, vegetables, it! and i've learned that tomatoes is really great to get rid of those stubborn blackheads and whiteheads that lead to clogged pores and eventually pimples. i love tomatoes that sometimes i eat them like an apple. i also drink tomato juice, or tomato sauce as my friends would call it each time they would see me drinking a glass of it. i would joke by telling them that i ate pasta noodles by itself so i'm taking in some sauce so i can say i had pasta for lunch. :P


I drink green tea. I used to drink at least 3 cups everyday but i've been too lazy lately that i havent been doing it for sometime now. we all know that green tea is a great anti-oxidant and it also helps in digestion and speeding up one's metabolism (love handles, be gone!).

I came across a post from a forum that she uses this as a toner...and that it helps her maintain her already smooth and pimple-free skin. She even mentioned that it helps her have rosy cheeks. At first i was hesitant because she's chinese...and well, chinese are known to have really white and smooth skin. But she swears by it and other girls already tried it for themselves and they say that it's really working for them. I have a couple of green tea bags at home, so why not--coconut!? tee-hee...

so there...i'm on an all-natural skincare kick these days. i'll post more details about each one of these and update you with the results!



Tracy Roa said...

great post! i'm starting to use more natural ingredients for my skin, as well, but i'm buying products from an on-line store. i was thinking about trying OCM, but my face is still recovering, so maybe when it's back to normal. i actually hate tomatoes, so i probably won't try what you're doing. haha. i drink lots of green tea, and i have a cleanser with green tea in it. i've heard the best type for your skin is matcha green tea.

AskMeWhats said...

hahaha the things we do for beauty! I want to try the castor oil for beautiful thicker lashes! hehehe tell me how yours go :D can't wait

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