Thursday, May 22, 2008

another attempt on neutrals...

a lot of people who know me would say that i can't really pull off neutrals. i've tried so many times and i would end up getting comments like "it's not you..." or "you look older" or sometimes "are you sick or something?" lol

but being a sutil person that i am, and of course, i would still need to practice more on different looks and at least try harder to make them look good on me, i decided to give this another try. besides, there would be times that i would need to shy away from my "bold, loud usual look" right?

so here it it:

MAC e/s in Modest Tone topped with Lumiere e/s in Halo on the inner half of the lid
MAC e/s in Ricepaper on the outer half of the lid
Lumiere e/s in Mint Chocolate Chip on the outer-V

Elianto e/s in Medium Brown on the crease
Joppa e/s in Eggnog under the brow bones to highlight
Modelco Brow kit in Dark topped with MAC brow gel in Boy Girl
MMU e/s (forgot what brand) used as eyeliner on the upper lash lines
Covergirl VolumeExact mascara in Black Brown
Brown eyeliner on the waterlines

Monistat as primer
Cinema secrets concealer on blemishes, side of the nose and undereyes
MAX Factor MiracleTouch Liquid Illusion Foundation in Golden
MAC MSF Natural in Light Medium
The Face Shop blush in Pastel Pink
MAC Sculpt and Shape to contour nose

Revlon l/s in Pink in the afternoon
Artdeco lipgloss in Sparkling Pink

i didn't hear comments i've mentioned previously, aside from "hey, you look different today!" (roll eyes) hehehe kiddin! of course, i am open to any sort of criticisms. i just want to practice on different looks, that's all.

i am really loving the foundation i got from Max Factor. Application is a no-brainer and it does really cover my blemishes...i am actually thinking of getting a shade lighter since it tends to get dark on me. anyways, i'll post a review soon!



AskMeWhats said...

you know what sis jheng??? It really doesn't look "YOU!" hahha I guess I am used to looking at your colorful e/s photos!! it looks very professional though, I guess if you're looking into attending a business meeting or something..hahh I am so not used to it..but you're so sanay na with your eyes, blush, contouring ha!

Unknown said...

nikki ako sanay? hindi pa din..there would be times that i would really suck at blending..sometimes my eyeshadows wont be pantay! hehhee. i am not really fond of neutrals...but yeah, i would need this look for certain occasions or else, everybody would be giving me stares for having a bold-blue eyeshadow for an interview hahaha

Anonymous said...

am not a fan of neutrals too haha but i think you pulled it off girl. ;) it looks professional. btw, what brand you used for the brown e/l? i love the shade you used. :)

AskMeWhats said...

awww and I forgot to tell you the liner looks really great!!!! :D

Unknown said...

hi sis mhean it's mmu eh..i forgot what. i think it's from MEOW..will check later and will get back to you..okies!? ;)

thanks sis nikki ah basta..still not so jhengky wehehehe

Gracie said...

I love neutral on you too! You might say that it's not very you but honestly... you look great in it. You're lucky to have that versatile features that you can get away with wearing various colours. I wish I could. You're the ultimate diva! Muah!

Shen said...

i have to say that neutral looks good on you. am i the enabler?? joke! honestly, i think you're eyes are well accentuated here. :) more!

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