Thursday, May 15, 2008

babe crushing...

okay, first let me make it clear....i am not a lesbo or anything like that. its just that i am so hooked with her music right now (yeah, i'm that outdated...i am such a retard) and i can't help but have a crush on this gorgeous lady!

aint she gorgeous? sexy...talented, and..and..omg, i can go on and on! does she ever get ugly? i am sooo crushin' on her.


well, i just appreciate beauty...but i must admit, i often get "star strucked" when i see gorgeous ladies on the streets or anywhere. i would just stand there and stare. my guy friends would joke and tell me that i am worse than them...hahahah

i'm just being normal, aight? tee-hee

how about you, do you have any girl "crushes" too?


AskMeWhats said...

I am girl crushing on .... well I have a lot! haha and I'm not a lesbo too! It depends, for personality, i'm girl crushing on Amanda Bynes, for looks,..gosh there's a whole lot! But for being cool, I would go for RHIANNA! You're right she's wonderful!

sab said...

top 3 girl crushes:
maggie q.
eva mendes
eva longoria-parker

there's still a lot to choose from! argh!

stylishmomy said...

haha ur not alone dear, Im girl-crushing din.

Kim kardashian
Drew Barrymore

yummies, I basically adore their make up hahaha.

Anonymous said...

it's natural to ogle other beautiful women, so we can be inspired to be one of 'em! i love Rihanna too, she is fierce and beautiful inside and out. ;)

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