Thursday, May 22, 2008

because HE loves me...

days ago, i've been throwing tantrums like a 5-yr old kid. and it's because of the stuffs i still need to buy for school. i've already shelled out almost 10k last week and i haven't gotten half of what's in my list. i honestly planned on dropping out and save first and enroll some other time. i was really devastated and frustrated. a lot of things have been bugging me like work, family...everything! and i was on the verge of losing my chance to have my attention diverted to something i've been looking forward to do for a long time.

Mr. X asked me what's wrong and i told him that if not only for the fact that he was the one who gave me my tuition fee, i would've dropped out after my first session. i explained to him that i ran out of cash because of my first purchase for school requirements last week and that it's just the beginning. i need more...but at this point, i can't bring myself to spend more.

honestly, i was not trying to make him buy those things for me. he knew that i am not used to such. if i need something or want something, i get it myself. and another thing, splurging on makeup is something he will not allow. he buys me things that i really need...but makeup? he knows i have a lot of mineral makeup already and weeks ago he asked why can't i just use them...

to my surprise, he told me to meet him up at the mall the next day. he said he'll buy the foundations i need. i need another dark foundation, a concealer palette and some other things for my next session in class. he said he just wants me to stop worrying....awww

so the next day, i asked him to just meet me at the mall during lunch time since i still have to finish something in the office. we met at the MAC counter and though i wanted to get a lot, i was trying not to shock him with the prices. i first got myself another SF in NC45, a fluidline in Blacktrack, lipliner in Spice and knowing that i still don't have a good blending brush, i asked him if i can also get the MAC 224 brush for myself and he said yes. YEY! he asked if that's all i need and i said, i am yet to get the concealer palette from Cinema Secrets (priced at almost 2k) from Watsons. I then asked Jarwin (not sure if i spelled it right) to list down at least 10 e/s that i might need for school, colors that will enable me to come up with a lot of color combinations. i told him that i would try to get it one by one next time since i still have to save up for it. X, getting bored, asked me what was it all about so i told him what i was asking Jarwin to do. He then asked me why not get them now...i was surprised. I told him that my purchases already amounted to more than 5K and an e/s is worth 800. he then said that at least, i will have most of what i need...then again, he said "Get them now..."

wwoooo! being an obedient Gf that i am hehehe, i immediately asked Jarwin to get me those colors he listed down for me, before X changes his mind. I asked X if i can get an empty e/s palette too, and he said yes. i was being all giddy when Jarwin handed me the pro palette when X approached me. he counted the empty slots and he said "there are 15 slots, why get only 10? get 5 more so you can complete this palette" and he went back to the chair where he waited patiently (but looking bored). i was like "OMG! are you serious? you did something wrong, didn't you? and now you're trying to make it up to me?" Mikee and Jarwin laughed at me and X just gave me that look that means he is indeed serious and that i better stop blabbing. there, i again asked Jarwin for 5 more eyeshadows.

i wanted to get the 182 brush, 2 more 239 and another 217 but X might die right then and there when he sees the i'll just save up for it. besides, i still need to get that concealer palette after.

so it was time to pay. i even joked that he might collapse but i guess he already knows more or less how much everything costs...i was actually guilty for letting him pay for everything that i told him (in a low voice), "i'll pay you back...but in terms, okay?" heheh...he just smiled and said "just be a good girl..." LOL

so here's me looking so excited with my purchases during lunch that i put all the items out and laid them all on the table that the waiter had to wait for me to put them back in the bag before he can give us our orders:

and here's X asking me to stop taking pictures of him and start eating since we are to watch Indiana Jones after lunch...

my Mr. X being camera-shy. hmmm, i honestly think he's not that at all happy with all my purchases. hehehehe...but he said, as long as it makes me happy then it's okay...awwww! (me wants to hug and kiss him now)

my purchases from MAC, i mean "his" purchases. hehehe

MAC Studio Fix in NC45, Fluidline in Black Track, Lipliner in Spice and MAC 224

my dream i have one already! yey!!!!!!

my eyeshadows:

Jest, Swish, Amber Lights, Retrospeck and Shroom

Humid, Parfait Amour, Gorgeous Gold, Juxt and Aphrodisiac

BlackTied, Bitter, Sushi flower, Freshwater and Espresso

(i might have labeled them wrong please bear with me...i took the pics without listing down the shades per batch)

and here's my pro palette:

X took the label from my Retrospeck e/s and put it on the thinks he want to do the depotting himself! hahahaa

and then i remember, i have other 2 MAC e/s: Ricepaper and Modest Tone. Hmm, does that mean i need to get one more pro palette? tee-hee

and here's the cinema Secrets concealer palette i got from Landmark. i opted to get this instead of getting 3 shades (light, medium and dark) from MAC:

and here's my one and only purchase that day...i did say i would get another shade that is lighter than what i already got, right?

another MAX Factor foundation in Cream Ivory

i can't help but drool and i'm excited to start on depotting!


to my X, i am really thankful for your being supportive in anything that i wanted to get myself into. i remember, you also supported me when i planned to go into the cologne and magic cream business years ago. i know you may not always agree with me on some decisions i make, but you were always there to support and believe in me that i can do it...and i know you will always be like that. i know you don't visit my blog (either too shy to see his pictures posted in here or too shy to be seen browsing a makeup site hahaha) but i just want you to know how thankful i am for having you back. i love you very much, X!



Phoebe said...

WOW!!! O_O You lucky girlfriend youuuu!!! :) Let's play wiv your new toysssss!

AskMeWhats said...

awwww sis I didn't know we have the 15 pan e/s palette here! hahaha I ordered pa sa states! how much here? if you dont' mind me askin?

Gosh, I know how you feel about buying all those products for the make-up class, you are lucky you have a supportive BF, it is very important to have one!!! At least when you felt like giving up, someone's going to pull you up! :) goodluck sa class, at least you're ALMOST complete with whatever you need :D

Iambrigitte said...

hiyeee phoebe you need to teach me ha...:) i miss your eotds and tuts! let's meet up with sophie one time and have some makeup teaching session. hehehe

hi nikki the empty palette costs P750 here :)

oo nga eh super thankful ako that he's always been that supportive. sa mga past endeavors ko na pumalpak siya din tumulong..good thing hindi nadadala ehehe..accdg to him as long as im happy ok na yun. awww, miss ko sha tuloy...LOL

thanks again sisters

Nica said...

wow you're so lucky... super bait ni boyfie ah... yiheeeeeee... am happy for you... =)

Anonymous said...

hehe the boyfie DOES SUPPORT YOU SO MUCH indeed! ;) am jealous of your loot lol. i have Amber Lights, Retrospeck, Humid and Black Tied and they're gorgeous! you will definitely leave your MMU e/s for sure haha... *crossing fingers i can convert you to MAC e/s*

Iambrigitte said...

nica super nice nga eh, parang nakakatakot. hahaha and he told me to be a good girl..patay. can i just pay him back kaya? lol

sis mhean ikaw ang talgang enabler sa mac e/s hahahha. i actually ran out of shades to choose from. gusto ko kasi paisa-isang green, blue, brown...kaso ngayon gusto ko different depths na din wahahahaha i tried gettng nocturnelle at silver lining la na daw. pati nga idol eyes OS na. badtriiffff

Nica said...

hahaha... patay... LOL naku baka naman simula na yan... dba? hehehe ay naku kwento ko... kanina sabi ng bf ko, "ano gusto mo makeup?" paano magkakapera siya this july... eh ako walang isip isip sabi ko "suesh brush set" aba at binawi... huhuhu... luho daw yun kainis... at madami na daw ako gamet na brush...

notjustminerals said...

You're so lucky sis! Have fun with your make-up classes. I really hope I could attend one someday. I was supposed to attend this when Sophie invited me but I paid for my DD's tuition fee so no-can-do for now :-(

Shen said...

you are indeed blessed with a superhero BF! to the rescue talaga. :) well, it is an investment so i think he knows "deep inside" that it is all worth it. :) gotta love our boy$$$$$(dollar sign intended!)!! :)

Tracy Roa said...

how sweet of your bf to get you all that stuff! i don't ask mine to buy me stuff, either, but i know he wouldn't spend money to buy me make-up. haha.

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