Friday, May 9, 2008

bluer than blue....

one of my favorite colors is BLUE. Actually, i love anything vibrant. :)

i am also trying to push my luck on foiling eyeshadows and this time, i only use evian spray mist to dampen my brush and use it to apply my mineral pigments. and i think, i am SUCCESSFUL!

anyways, on to my eotn:

Modelco brow kit in Dark
UDPP all over lid
The SheSpace e/s in Plastic Paradise applied wet on the lid up to just below the crease and as a liner on the outer 2/3 of the lower lash lines
TSS e/s in Empathetic Angel applied dry on the crease and as a liner on the inner 1/3 of the lower lash lines
TSS e/s in Euphoric Madness applied under the brow bones to highlight
EDM e/s in Smokey applied as a liner on the upper lash lines
Cover Girl VolumeExact Mascara in Black Brown

and i just missed my MAC SF so here it is:

Monistat Anti-chafing gel as primer
MAC Studio Fix Fluid in NC25
MAC MSF Natural to set
Cargo blush in Molokai
MAC Accentuate and Sculpt to contour nose
TFC Color Shimmer lipstick in BR802

i really love the finish MAC SF gives me, i didn't need to apply concealer first because it really covers them up, it doesn't cake and doesn't break me out!

(geesh, i wish i can make my video work...i've reviewed MAC SF in there..sniff)

and here's me camwhoring in the office:

guess what...somebody actually asked me if i had a nose lift! i guess my nose contouring does work!

and here's to show you the staying power of MAC SF and my foiled e/s:

(taken after 10hrs)

i swear, they were taken after my shift. my e/s didn't crease! and i only had to use 2-3 sheets of blotting paper to take away some oilies on my nose!


now, jhengky says hello to FOILING!
again, thanks Christiana for the great tip!



Gracie said...

Oh, Jheng! This is goooooorgeous! That's what I've been trying to do but I'm just useless at it!

You're just teasing us aren't you? What a surprise! :P

AskMeWhats said...

gorgeous blue eotd!! and your office shot really looks great, the blue shadow creates a different sparkle and makes you look blooming :)

Shen said...

love the blues on you!! :) teach me teach me!! :) i agree about the contouring super nice! what brush do you use? i'm practicing with my CS chisel fluff brush.. :)

Anonymous said...

love your blog!! keep it up!! I love your hair colour! Can you tell me what hair dye brand you use and the colour?
thanks yuki

Anonymous said...

love your blog!! keep it up!! I love your hair colour! Can you tell me what hair dye brand you use and the colour?
thanks yuki

jing said...

You look great in blues! Lucky how SFF works well for you. I'm so scared to use it because of the breakout stories. I like the finish too, especially when Mineralized skinfinish is used on top. Instant flawless skin.

Unknown said...

gracie, i saw your blues eotd and girl, you definitely did a great job! ;)

thanks, nikki! i used my cam phone for that shot and i like it better than the ones i took using my digicam. teases me that i am so addicted with contouring. lol

hi shen dear, im using the CS pink e/s brush to contour the sides of my nose ( and then the MAC 129 to apply the highlighter part of my MAC shape and accentuate....i only contour my nose, i am yet to practice on contouring my cheeks. i hate it the first time i tried, kasi nawala yung foundation sa bandang cheeks ko. i guess i need to follow your tip...apply in gentle one-direction strokes lang. LOL...anyways, i love that CS brush to contour, the bristles are just right!

hi yuki i used revlon hair color, the one with the 3x the highlights? as for the gonna look it up and will get back to you...(hugs)

jie at first i was really scared to use any MAC foundation because i've read some rants about it giving some people pimples after. MAC SA told me that it's not enough to just wash your face with facial wash/soap to remove the mac foundie. you really need to use a makeup remover i take it all off using nivea cleansing milk, then wipe it off with a wet wipe then wash my face! good thing i havent broken out yet because of SFF. i really love the finish it gives me...most esp when topped with msf. such a great combo, eh?

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