Tuesday, May 27, 2008

depotting my MAC eyeshadows...

'twas a sunday night and being bored and all, i decided to start depotting my MAC eyeshadows. i have no intention of bringing all those pots during class or wherever so i decided to give depotting a shot. i first looked if i have mini pliers, too bad i don't. but i have an extra tweezers and i figured that it would do. i also used my nail pusher to push the pan from the pot

i was really scared that i might break the eyeshadows...mr. X will surely give me a not-so-nice look if i break even a single pan.
i was nervous during the first try but on my 3rd, i already got the hang of it. it was a no-brainer after that...

my sink was a disaster!

no broken eyeshadow pan...yet!

whew! i'm done!

me happy...this palette costs almost Php14k!
'hafta guard it with all my might! hahahaha

my MAC eyeshadows...poor Modest Tone and Ricepaper, they're homeless. need to get another one?

jhengky bids goodbye to you...and says hi to 2 free lipsticks courtesy of Back2MAC!

my eyeshadow palettes: MAC, Elianto, 4U2 and Fashion 21

my one and only blush palette from Fanny Serrano

i am now on a pledge...to buy one MAC e/s every payday.
geesh, this is really addicting!


jing said...

Just depotted my MAC pots too! I wanted to try out Enkore's no heat tutorial, but I realized I didn't have that big scissors he used. I think I"m more scared of accidentally cutting my finger off with the scissors. I used flat iron, and it was a breeze! I'm no longer buying pots since it's cheaper to get pans instead.

AskMeWhats said...

awww that's great job!!!!!! didn't break any shadow..and all the colors are wonderful!!!! nice collection :) I swore on having 1 MAC e/s every pay day too! hahhaha I'm sure Mhean will be happy hahhaha

sab said...

oh that is heaven right there. hahaha!

Gracie said...

I only buy the palette sized (is that how you call it?) ones to save me depotting them. They're cheaper too! Ha ha ha!

Anonymous said...

haha just wait til you used them, they're uber addicting. :P congrats! you did better than me huhu... i miss some part of my Nocturnelle.. haha.

Nikki: of course you will love MAC e/s and prolly increase your purchases haha.

Gracie: if i may, i think they're called refills. :) if only they were available here, i will also just get those!

Shen said...

me want this! me want this! droooling!!! droooling!! : love love love! :)

i'm dying to have nylon and ricepaper but i guess i will do this sloooowly.. :)

congrats on your 1st MAC palette! :)

Tracy Roa said...

nice work! that's one expensive palette. :D

Unknown said...

i wish we have refill pans here too jie how much is it there?

hahaha @nikki yep, one e/s per payday and a brush every month? lol. seriously i love all their colors, how many shades nga ba available? LOL u know what i really want to meet u and mhean in person. pero baka BI mo ko sa paul and joe! lol

yes sab, heaven! i even put it inside the box and on top of my other palettes. im gonna die if i drop it and break my eyeshadows! seriously! hahaaha

thanks to you mhean i am now really addicted to mac. any other recommendations as to what to get next time? lol. i wish i can get all shades of green, blue, purple, etc etc...ugh..calling X! nyahahaha

hi shen, what shade is nylon? nice shades ng mac no? so addicting. i wanna have them all, but of course i can't. kundi pa nawala sa sarili si X nde ako bibilhan

thanks tracy !

AskMeWhats said...

sis? ME??? BI?? hahaha I'm the smartest shopper you'll ever know! You'll be surprised I seldom buy stuffs I dont' use..and I won't BI you into Paul & Joe coz I shop wisely talaga! hahahah if you ask me best P&J product tlaga is their eyebrow pencils!!! e/s range kc is not that huge sa P&J..so I won't enable you with it :) heheheh can't wait to meet you dear!

mandilicious said...

how much is a MAC e/s there?..in pesos?

Unknown said...

yeah nikki i really want to meet one of my angels (you) soon! ;)

hi mandilicious eyeshadows are priced at PhP800 :)

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