Friday, May 16, 2008

"don't i look like a tree" -- looks

i seriously think that i look like a tree in my eotn/fotn. this was also my first attempt to use 4-colors for my eyes...i was not happy with the result and my blending really suck.

anyhoo, i'd still wanna share's my thursday night boo-boo:

Oceanmist e/s in Gold Pearl on the lid just below the crease
MAD e/s in wild Mango on the inner 1/3 of the lid
Pureluxe e/s in Lush on the outer-V and outer crease
MAC Kohl in Phone number on the waterline
MAC Technakohl in Jade Way on the lower lashlines
Covergirl VolumeExact Mascara in Black Brown
MAC Brow gel in Boy Girl

Monistat as primer
Lumiere Foundation in Light Medium Neutral (Cashmere Formula)

The Face Shop blush in Pastel Pink
MAC Sculpt and Shape to contour nose

Maybelline l/s in Windsor Rose

excuse my undereyes and the slightly sore-looking lack of sleep for days has now taken its toll on me. i am having difficulty in sleeping (AGAIN) that i am seriously considering going back to taking my sleeping aids. i'd rather do that than look like i'm a dead person walking around with really dark, puffy undereyes.

i also didnt like the Brow Gel on me. it looks really light and i had a hard time fixing my eyebrows. I dunno, maybe i am not supposed to really brush it against my brows in such a way that it will also brush against my skin...or the color just don't match me. but i am not giving up on it. i tried using my Modelco first and then instead of my clear mascara on top, i used MAC brow gel and it looks way better.

as for the technakohl...hmmm, i'm not sure. but i wish i had bought the blue one instead. oh!


Anonymous said...

based on the pics, the brow gel looks fine on yah. :) tisay ka naman carry lang! ;)

Unknown said...

hindi ako's too light on me :(

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