Friday, May 30, 2008


i've been really having a hard time to sleep these days that my eyebags are much, much bigger than my eyes already. eww, yuck! and i know i should try to stay away from putting on eye makeup that will draw attention to my eyes. but i just can't help it. it's like, i am "forced" to use up all the makeups i've been buying for the last few months...and besides, i also need to practice, practice, practice!

this look really came out fierce. i know it did make my bags look more noticeable. oh well...another boo-boo, maybe?

Pureluxe Pink Pearls to highlight
Pureluxe Lemon on the inner lid
Shiseido palette (used the blue shade, yep blue! but it looked more black, eh!?) on the outer lid and outer-V
TFS eyeliner in White on the lower lash lines
MAC Technakohl in Phone Number on the water lines
Modelco Brow kit in Dark topped with MAC Brow Gel in Boy Girl
Elianto Gel Liner in Black on the upper lash line
VMV Oh-la-lash Mascara in Black

Monistat as primer
Cinema secrets concealer on the sides of the nose and undereyes
Buff'd foundation in Lace
Lauress Fantastic Finish in Medium
EDM Blush in Waffle Cone
MAC Sculpt and Shape to contour nose

In2it lipstick in SS 03

i wish i can go back to just wearing mascara for my eyes...for months now, there was never a single day (unless it's a weekend and i am just staying at home) that i didn't wear eye makeup. and yeah, i am really running out of color combinations. i wish i have time to watch tutorials or copy certain looks.

my eyes looked smaller in person in this eye makeup. an officemate of mine commented that my eyes look chinkier. huh!? me? with chinky eyes!?



Gracie said...

Wow! Another great FOTD! I just love the way you wear your make up. I'm a sucker for dark EMU ha ha ha!

Shen said...

wow! another great eyelook! i'm thinking fo green and gold combo.. lucky charms eh? :) hehehe!

Iambrigitte said...

thanks ladies. seriously i am running out of color combos. i cut eyeshots from magazines and browse a lot of tutorials and yet i dont apply them on me... tsk, such a damn retard! i need to practice more. i only get to apply makeup when im going out...hmpf!

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