Friday, May 9, 2008


lovelies, can somebody please teach me how to record a video using a digital camera? actually, i know how. i am using my CANON Digital Ixus 75 to record and when i play it back looks and sounds fine. but after i download it on my computer so i can then upload it somewhere, the sound gets messed up. audio is delayed, there's so much's a mess!

i even tried to import it in Windows Movie Maker and it didn't fix it (was it supposed to? sorry, no idea). so please, i would greatly appreciate if somebody can help me on this.




Shen said...

sis, i can't relate to your prob. maybe you just have to wait for your vid file to be stabilize and maybe it will work out. :) i'm planning to buy that same cam.. i never seem to get a bad shoot with that cam. :)

Unknown said...

thanks shen , i really want to make it work so i can upload the e/s application tutorials (as if! LOL) i made..

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