Saturday, May 17, 2008

i'm back to school!

today, i am officially back to school! yeeeey!

i started with my Makeup Artistry class today and i am so glad i am in the same batch with Sophie of (hiyah, sophie!) i came late (uh-oh) and to my relief, RB Chanco, our teacher is soooo nice! i so love the way she (yeah, i'd prefer to call he a she because she looks so damn pretty!!!) did her makeup that day. so simple and yet striking...i personally love her blush. ohmigod, what's that shade again!?

it was just a half-day class since we just had our orientation. after it, i went out with Sophie and another classmate, Leslie (hiya girl!) to buy stuffs required in the class. my wallet really went loco after spending almost P8k for stuffs (but i am not even halfway thru it yet!) but i am so happy that i am finally starting to fulfill my dreams. i've been trying to delay this because of the expenses i am having right now but i am thankful to mr. X that he told me to go and supported me by paying for my tuition and a brush set from Suesh. yay! he's always been supportive of me. he may not like the idea of me getting addicted with makeup but he surely wants me to pursue my dreams. he knows how much i love makeup and how much i dream of putting on makeup on other people. he always believe that i should do what i always wanted to do. he knows that for years now, i havent been enjoying my job that much but well...i need a job and a good-paying job at that. i give my best but he knows that i can do much better if what i would be doing is something that i really love. geeesh, he is starting to spoil me. :)

anyways, here's some of the stuffs i got for school (i got some for personal use too...can you guess what they are?) hehehe

they aint much... but geesh, it really emptied my wallet! boo-hoo! i didn't buy foundations except VOV and MAX Factor (ehem! wink wink) since i have a lot of liquid foundations at home. But i need to get dark shades of foundations soon. i am lucky i still have the bottle of MAC SF NC15 (mom's not using it anymore) and 2 bottles of medium-shades from L'oreal True Match...but still, no dark shades. Mikee of MAC suggested that i get NC35 and NC47...that's on my list now (my wallet says URGH!)

i am also thinking of getting a concealer palette from Cinema Secrets...i have one shade which i use, i can use it for school since i am trying to cut some costs but what i have is my shade...i need to have one for medium skintones and another for dark. wheW!

i don't have a brush set yet...i wish i can get all brushes from MAC (who wouldn't want that, huh!) but there's no way i can have that dream...not in a million years! also, i have no traincase yet and a tool belt. (aaghhh...i need more moolah for these!)

i am thinking of getting the traincase from Beauty Bar since it's black but it's small...but it would do. i would just have to bring what i would need for the class and not my entire stash. hehehe..

so for now, i think this bag i got for free would do:

(special thanks to Sophie for helping me accumulate the amount i need to get them!)

next on my list:
- Traincase
- Suesh 28-pc brush set
- more foundations
- tool belt

tsk tsk...this would definitely drain my wallet, but i am really serious to finish this so wish me luck!

(me so happppy!)


Gracie said...

Wow! I'm so thrilled that you've eventually started with your make up class! Just reading what the make up course requires, I'm very much surprised that you haven't got all of them already ha ha ha! You seem to have absolutely everything to open your own salon!

Good luck to all of that Jheng and I do believe in you!

Does that mean, I'll get a make up crash course from you in December? Hmmm... I love the idea ;)

Have a great week sweetie... Muah!

Liz said...

congrats, sis! i can imagine your excitement. i am about to start my classes on june 2, and i am hardly able to sleep. :-)

how long is the course?

AskMeWhats said...

hey jheng! So happy for you!!!! I can see what you bought and I am going excited and gaga for you!!!! Alam mo I felt overwhelmed when I buy stuffs but always think of it as an investment! :) I'm so happy for you!!! Goodluck sis! :) for traincase, you may try multiply searching as it could be cheaper and you can do meet-ups to check it out :)

Shen said...

I'm sooo happy for you! this is totally a dream come true! :) like i said to nikki, your dreams at the palm of your hands. what a great supportive BF you have! :)

BTW, what school you enrolled in? :) I hope i can join you guys soon! :)

Iambrigitte said...

gracie too bad, the instructor doesn't like mineral eyeshadows...but she didnt say no actually and being a sutil biatch that i am..i am still going to bring my mmu pigments! heheheh..i still have a long list to buy..shucks, i need to make more lambing to mr. X then! hahahha and sure, i'm more than glad to teach you a few if u're gonna need it pa no! :P

hi liz it's just an 8-wk course. but after this, i'll take haircutting, coloring and styling naman and probably specialize on glam and bridal makeup. basta, i am really going to pursue my dream. for the longest time, i've been trying to push this aside...ngayon, go go go na! excited na din ako for you. yours is a 6-month course di ba?

thanks sis nikki i am yet to get the suesh set. sabi nila 21pcs is enough na, but i want to get the 28pcs. how much nga ba ulit? :)

hi shen yeah its a dream come true for me. nagsawa na ata si X sa kakatantrums ko these past few months about enrolling that he finally handed me the money and told me to enroll na. actually nagdalawang isip pa nga ako kasi im not used to that, getting money from him. i know naman kasi na he has a lot of bills din to pay and he's also planning to take his MBA. it was really so sweet of him to support me, he always support me talga. i remember he gave me catpital for the perfume business and wala din namang nangyari..buti nde sha nadala. hahahah

AskMeWhats said...

sis about 4,500php for the 28pcs, but I believe a lot of my friends from CAS had 16pcs and they're ok na. It really depends on your preference :) Ang mahirap lang is to clean them all! hahaha

Iambrigitte said...

hahaha thanks sis nikki ang required ata sa amin is 21. pero baka pde nga din yung 16 kasi i have some brushes naman here. for now, i'd be using some of my stuffs na din for practice tutal nagsasanitize naman ako. how much kaya 16pcs? la na kaya discount? hahahha kuripot na ako ngayon as in..i have a long list to buy pa like foundations: liquid, cream, powder...waaahh..kalerkey eto!

AskMeWhats said...

Sis jheng, 16pcs (Php 2,500) , 21 pcs (3,500) and 28pcs (for Php4,500). Well if you have other brushes na, you can settle for 16pcs. Tip though, It's just more advantageous to have more brushes because of the fact that during your finals or something, if you need to do make up to a lot of people and no "in between" time to wash your brushes, you don't have to worry on mixing make-up colors to the other model :) I believe with all your previous brushes 16pcs is fine :) And so far, di ko sure if natatawad :) You may ask for a discount privately. You have their multiply website right? They're easy to communicate naman :) goodluck sis :)

Anonymous said...

wow makeup school! congrats sis and good luck! ;)

am pretty sure the MAC lippie is YOURS haha!

Anonymous said...

btw, if you want a cheap traincase maybe you can try scouring 168 mall. that's where i got mine, iyon nga lang i wasn't able to find a plain one. but it's cheap! :D

Anonymous said...

Weeeee makeup makeup makeup every Saturday! :D

Iambrigitte said...

thanks nikki i would need to get hold of a brush set na before sat. if not, gamitin ko muna mac ko huhuhu...hindi naman ako madamot, ok lang yun pero wala lang. masa-sad ako hahahaha...pero kung no choice eh wy not, coconut! lol

sis mhean awww, bakit mo ko binuko? hahahha...meron pang "personal stuffs" jan care to guess pa? lol wahahhaa

sophie did u use na your Max Factor? i shet, now i'm buko na it's for personal use wahhahaha...excited na ako, i dont have a traincase yet...malamang lagay ko lahat sa plastic bag. and a brush set. waaahh...nawiwindang ako!

AskMeWhats said...

sis, true, dont' pressure yourself, for now use your personal na choice talaga :) hehehe and sis, nga pala..for darker shade, I would suggest you try the NC46 or 47, wag ka nang mag NC35 as it wouldn't be too dark! I'm using it remember? Although its a bit dark for me..its not TOO dark :) wala lang hehehe daldal ko ulit hahahha

Liz said...

basta, i am happy for you, kapatid. :-)

cheers to us and our dream of making other people more beautiful!

yup. mine is a 6-month course. :-( ang haba! haha! and it might get extended kasi gusto ko rin matuto ng special effects.

sa CAS ka ba nag-enroll? i have heard a lot of good things about it. :-)

Liz said...

and oh.. kudos to Mr. X for being so supportive. I am glad Mr. A is encouraging me to follow my heart too. We are lucky to have them. :-)

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