Thursday, May 8, 2008


geesh, i really miss getting packages from doing online shopping. it's been what...2weeks? since i last received a package...and it's been really a while since i last went to the mall to shop. (sighs)

anyhoo...i finally got my pureluxe package last week and sorry if it took so long to post it (been MIA for awhile, i know)

(i really miss getting stuffs in these)

my pureluxe loot: 14 eyeshadow samples, eyeshadow primer sample and calamine soap

yummy, eh!?

(i forgot to include Spoiled...sowee)

and here's what i got from my swap with sis Shen:

Ellana foundie samples and finishing powders, Ellana and BareNaturals blush samples and BareNaturals sample foundation (forgot to include in the pic...damn, i am in a bad need of some memory enhancers!)

i am still holding on to my "NO-BUY" promise and accckk, it's killing me...for now, i am still waiting for 3 more packages to go. i am practically holding on to that promise for another month or two...or until Heatherette arrives!



Gracie said...

Oh! More make up! Such a make up addict! I love them... soooo much! Fab colours! C'mon, don't be greedy... share them? :P

AskMeWhats said...

all the colors look promising! super bright and perfect for the summer :) aawww...sige na nga kahit no buy..WELCOME BACK! I"m glad you're back!

stylishmomy said...

ahmm girl, let's see if no-buy ka talaga for this month hehe
those are lovely colors =) I saw nessa's fotd/eotds using pureluxe mmu e/s and the colors are really vibrant.

Anonymous said...

fab hauls! i missed these. :D reviews please! ;)

Unknown said...

gracie get your ass in here and we'll share tips and even makeup? hahaha your hauls are to die for!

nikki and chloe , i think (i did, honestly) i just broke my no-buy promise yesterday. tee-hee! forgive me? it's still my birth month anyways. hehehehe

mhean, yep, reviews coming soon! gah, i am so lazy to post about my "coming soon" better get rid of them na lang no. hahahha

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