Thursday, May 15, 2008

my elianto EOTN and a review on Elianto Eye Primer....

as promised, here's my review on the Elianto Primer i got for P299...picture here.

when i started wearing eyeshadows, i wanted to get MAC but because of its price, i wanted to get an alternative that will somehow give me the same color vibrancy and staying power at a lower price. i've been reading a lot of reviews on the elianto eyeshadows so i got myself a 20-e/s palette right away. :)

for months, i've been trying to alternate these eyeshadows with my mineral pigments. i once tried it without any primer on my lids, and it creased. so from then on, i'm using it with my ever-reliable UDPP.

and so last weekend, i went to an Elianto store with my sister and to my surprise, i saw that their new products include an eye primer...yeeeeeyy! i got one, the lighter shade among the two.

Elianto says:
"The lightweight cream that provides thin and even surface to prefectionize eyeshadow application. The optimize balance of emollient oil and waxes create superb smooth blending. Apply thin layers of cream onto eyelid and blend evenly."

anyways, here's my EOTN first:

- Elianto eye primer in 01
- Elianto e/s in 2 shades of green and yellow
- MAC Kohl in Phone number on the waterline and on the upper lash lines
- VMV Oh-la-lash mascara in Black
- Modelco brow kit in Dark

- Monistat as primer
- EDM foundation in Fairly Light Intensive
- MAC Dollymix on cheeks
- MAC Sculpt and Shape to contour nose

- Smashbox lipstick in Sweet
- Artdeco lipgloss

It did make the blending easy than the usual...or when i'm using UDPP. Some says UDPP makes the blending of colors harder. with Elianto eye primer, it's easier...makes the lids smooth and with the shade i'm using, it provided me with a yellowish base unlike having a pinkish base with UDPP. I applied it using dabbing motions and then i blend it with my fingers. IMHO, it didn't help in increasing the vibrancy of the colors. but reading again the description in elianto's site, made me realize it isn't for that purpose. hehehe...

so how does my e/s look after my 9-hr shift?



can you see? can you see? it looks ewwwww...i had to wear sunglasses during my visit to the mall since i didnt want anybody to see how bad my e/s is creasing on me :( i just don't understand...i first tested this primer using another local e/s brand (Nichido) and it didn't crease! but i only had my eye makeup for 3hrs i think (that was on a sunday when we went to church for mass) so maybe that's why.

but i am not giving up on this primer. for one, it really helped me to blend the colors easily. so maybe i'll be putting this on top of UDPP and let's see what happens....

so there... i hope this review helps :)

(i just suck in giving reviews, sorry!)



Paint Me Gorgeous said...

hello there :)

ya, elianto got really nice n cheap selection of colours. Am glad the colour comes up so vibrant.

Hope you don't mind if I just suggest that you blend the contouring you did on sides of your nose. It seems a bit too obvious...

Just a suggestion. :)

Unknown said...

hi cassandra, no i dont mind at all. any suggestion is welcome..i really wanna learn and improve, and i will try your suggestion..:)

thanks thanks dear for visiting!

Anonymous said...

hello! thanks for the review. i bet the elianto primer wont do me good..

how do you "foil" eyeshadows? and is foiling good enough to last up to 8 hours?

thanks! i'll be waiting for your reply. :)

Unknown said...

hi shiana...i tried foiling my e/s using a homemade mixing medium pero nangati eyes ko. so what i use now is evian. i spritz the brush with it then if too wet, i brush it against my hand to get rid of the excess water then dip the brush sa e/s then pat it on sa lids. pat sis, don't wipe. you just pat, pat, pat to build the foundation of the color. then after that, you again apply the e/s on top of that foundation but this time, dry naman. then you can blend it.. i tried blending kasi the foundation and i wiped out the color. hahhaha..i tried this technique and it really stayed put on my lids during my entire shift. :)

i am really trying to make my video settings work so i can make a vid tutorial soon...i will include this.

Anonymous said...

thanks sis. keep us posted :)

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