Sunday, May 18, 2008

an attempt on natural look..

a week ago, my friend asked me to do her makeup for a wedding she'd be attending. i said yes right away but the truth is i am so nervous. i am not yet comfortable on putting on makeup on other people but since i decided to take up classes, i might as well take every chance i get to practice.

she asked me to do just a natural look on her...and to tell you honestly, that is one look i am so not at ease of. i dunno...well, neutrals don't look good on me so it's really not often that i get to do such makeup look. i teased her if she would like to go for a smokey look hehehhe, and she blatantly said no. LOL

anyways, here's what i was able to come up with. i forgot to take a picture of her before i applied makeup on her. she came late and haven't had lunch yet. so i let her eat first while i prepared my stuffs.

first, here's what i've planned to do:

LOL...i know i wasn't supposed to write on the picture itself since there's a space for that...
but that's how retard i am :P

the left part would be a combo of pink and violet (which she doesn't like) and the other half are, well...neutral colors with a bit of shimmer.

yeah, i need to practice more on face charts :)

her looks:

gotcha! hehehhe...

The Face Shop e/s in BR802 on the entire lid
The Face Shop e/s in BR804 on the outer V
Lumiere e/s in Mint Chocolate Chip on the outer V and outer crease
MAC e/s in Ricepaper to highlight
Covergirl VolumeExact Mascara in Black Brown
Modelco brow kit in Dark topped with a clear mascara
EDM e/s in Medium Brown used as a liner on the upper lash lines

Smashbox Primer in Photofinish Light
MAC MSF Natural in Light Medium
The Body Shop blush (spring collection)
MAC Sculpt and Shape to contour nose

In2it lipstick

the eyeliner on the right eye is thicker because she has a slight bump or curve on her right eyelid...i should've applied it thinner than the left and maybe that could have helped to at least give it the same thickness (ack, another boo-boo). i know i didn't do it well but she's happy about it and well, me too. i am still learning and i hope i could do better next time.

i was so happy about it actually that i kept on taking her pictures. Mr. X was laughing at me and told me that i am way too excited. hehehhe...but he's happy for me too! :)

thanks again Merie Cris for trusting me with your makeup.

'til next time!


Alice @Ogni cosa bella รจ viola said...

Classy and natural! good result.

AskMeWhats said...

hey it does look natural! You pulled it off! what are you worrying about?? GALING!

Iambrigitte said...

hi alice thanks for visiting and taking time to comment. i was really nervous about it since i am not used to applying colors in neutrals...looking back at her pics, i wish i could've done better..but we were in such a hurry. i only had 30mins or so...

sis nikki waaaah...i know i am lacking on something. i suck in my blending...i was literally complaining the whole time that i should've used other colors pero matigas ulo nya hehehe..but it matched her dress kasi. like you i wish i can practice more on other people...magdala kaya ako makeup sa office and offer free makeover? hahahhaa

AskMeWhats said...

sis, it's ok, you are just overly critical kaw naman! Yes, do that! I've been practicing my officemates' faces like EVERYDAY and 3 faces a day with different skin and problems. I have both oily and dry skinned it really helps :)

Anonymous said...

i love how you did her brows and cheeks, good job! ;)

Iambrigitte said...

thanks nikki and mhean...i need to practice more on natural looks. ito yung first theme namin next sat. arrrghhh...sana colorful looks na lang. lol

jing said...

Her brows are great! You did really well on this neutral look. What about a thinner line for her eyeliner ?

Iambrigitte said...

jie jie yup, i must've lined a thinner line sa right eye nya..pinantay ko kasi sa kabila i forgot meron nga palang slight curve sa right eye.

thanks again mga sis..

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