Friday, May 23, 2008

my new brush set....

another requirement of our makeup class is a set of brushes, long-handled brushes, that is. our teacher said that it's more professional to use long handled ones since the short-handled brushes are more for personal use. i agree with her... :)

nica helped me acquire the 21-pc set of SUESH. the 28-pc set is out-of-stock. i need this set for my class (and maybe for personal use too! hehehe) and i guess it wouldn't hurt to just have the 21-pc set to start with since i have a couple of brushes which i can also use in class.

early morning of Friday, i got the brushes and i was so excited that i ripped the air21 plastic to see my new baby:

i was hardly breathing when i got this because of too much excitement to see what's inside, but i decided to take a pic of it first

weee...i think my heart stopped beating at the sight of this babies

OMG...OMG! I just love brushes!

I'll post a review soon...but as a teaser, let me just tell you that they are so soft...and won't scratch your skin. for those interested to get a set, click HERE.

now, i just need a traincase and a brush belt and i'm almost set!

again, thanks nica! ;)


Nica said...

no problem... and besides got one for myself din naman dba... =) hehehe

excited na ko sa set ko... yihee!

Anonymous said...

i am thinking about the 16-pc naman... pero i got plans on getting MAC FS eh... hay what to do... lol.

AskMeWhats said...

awww sis! you got yourself the brushes na!!! hahaha Can't wait to hear your version of the review. Everyone I put make up on is drooling over the Suesh brushes! super soft naman talaga!!! Yay make-up pro!!! You're all set!!!!

Gracie said...

Wow! I love this brush set but the price is way beyond my league ha ha ha! I cannot justify spending $4,500.00 on set of brushes! Well done you!

Shen said...

dear gracie, it's 4500 Pesos. :) hehe! :) i would love to have this but i noticed how many brushes i have.. i just need a brush belt. :)

maybe on my birthday. :)

Tracy Roa said...

ooh, that's a nice looking brush set!

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