Thursday, May 15, 2008

my payday loot...

i stayed in the office for another extra two hours and then went out to get a haircut, yay! after that, i went to the mall thinking that i should buy new clothes...i haven't been buying new ones since i started getting addicted with makeup. i was already tired and my feet are aching since i'm wearing my long-heeled boots but still, i wasn't able to get anything! darn...

either i was too lazy to fit the clothes, or there's something else in my mind that i want to get.

heck...this is crazy! hehehe. so i went to "my heaven" and got these:

Brow set in Girl Boy, Technakohl in Jade Way and my second 217 brush

yeah, my second...i got my first one last year but i didn't have an idea how to properly use it so i sold it...waaahh! i was also lemming to get the 224 but that could wait til next payday :D

here's the swatches:

i love greens! the brow set in Girl Boy looks lighter than the shade i am using right now for my brows but technically, our brows should be 3x lighter than our hair right? so i'm gonna try my luck on this one.

i almost got a fluidline but again..that can wait hehehhe

after MAC, i went to Mercury Drug and got myself these:

...just when i got a haircut. LOL

i saw the infomercial on REVOSTYLER (rotating brush and dryer in one) and it looks promising...i want! i want! anybody who has this? does it really work? please lemme know...

and so i went home without any new clothes...ack. sooner or later, i'll find myself covering my body with my makeup stash instead of clothes. heheheh

oh well...

and by the way, i'm officially enrolled in a Makeup Artistry class that would start this Saturday! woo-hooooo! i'm sooo excited!


Gracie said...

I've got that hairbrush Jheng but I've only used it twice and put it away... You can have it if you want :)... It'll probably work better with you as you've got short hair. It does give my hair that flawless finish but it takes me agaes to do it.

I've given away a few hairstyling appliances but still got my Toni & Guy hair straightner (but given away my slim Babyliss)... You can have them too ha ha ha!

Oh! I've got a set of ceramic rollers as well and never used it as I can't be bothered. Tried it though but I again, I can't be fuffed! Ha ha ha! I could be just a waister sometimes :(

AskMeWhats said...

take a pix of your new haircut jheng!!! good haul, you were still a nice girl to control yourself with the fluidline hehehe

Grabe..sis!! CONGRATS!!!! You're starting na your dream and you're doing what you want!!! Congrats!!! which make up school? I'm sure you'll excel!!!!

Unknown said...

gracie i wont say no to your offer! hahahaa...can i have it? hahaha you just dont know how to stop shopping no? LOL

nikki i am still wanting that fluidline. i wont eat for days so i can get one. hahaha

i'm going to lasalle international with sophie of beautynomics. oh my gulay i am so excited na!

Anonymous said...

First time i watched that RevoStyler Infomercial, i was sold.. i picked up the phone and i ordered one.. i was sooo excited when i got it that i tried it right away.. i was soo disappointed coz it didnt work for me.. i dunno if it's just my hair(have long hair) but my hair just keep getting tangled and caught up with the rolling brush.. grrr.. i tried it a couple of times and still no go.. so right now.. it's just sitting inside my box..
this is just my experience with the revostyler.. i love the idea of it but it just wont work on me.. :(

Gracie said...

I meant waster ha ha ha! I'm dyslexic if you haven't noticed ha ha ha!

I'll save them for you Jheng and other stuff as well ;)

Anonymous said...

get the f/l on your next MAC purchase, you will get hooked on that as well. high five on your MAC loot! :D

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