Saturday, May 17, 2008

my second EDM loot finally arrived...

after more than a month of waiting (my first one just took 2 weeks, grrr) my EDM loot is now here. My aunt had to mail it to me since i didn't go home this weekend (and will not, for the next 7 weeks because of school).

I got full-sized pots of foundations and some blushes that many mmu users love.

here's my loot:

i love that they put their stuffs in a box

my entire EDM loot

the foundations, finishing powder, concealer and some samples

the blushes on top are those i purchased, the other 3 (sample pots) are free

another LHK and the Baby Kabuki

i prefer the Kabuki brush over the Flat top my disappointment, i found out that i already have a FS pot of Tinted Finishing Dust and so now i have two. Argh! i seriously need to monitor my stuffs from now on.

i would post the swatches watch out!



Anonymous said...

fab loot! btw, Tinted Finishing Dust is that the Tinted Silk finishing powder? do you plan on selling? i might want haha!

QueenBeetch said...

hi! naalala ko your edm post before, i asked you how's the tinted silk dust and you said you have just placed an order when you actually have just received a full size of it. :P

Unknown said...

aww sorry queenbeetch..i totally forgot that i already have one FS. as in naloka ako when i saw my stock. arrrghhh..anyways, it's good.nice as a finishing powder, helps in keeping oilies at bay

sis mhean you want? sure..get it! hahaha...baka u might also want my flat top brush. hahahaha

Anonymous said...

sis, u're selling ur FT? for how much? :) txt me 09228151115

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