Wednesday, May 21, 2008

a new home for my sample baggies....

being an mmu addict for months now made me grow my collection so big that i can hardly find time to have the sample baggies to be transferred to pots. besides, "pot-session" tends to be expensive because of the price of the pots i used to get...and not to mention, it gets messy and takes a lot of time.

o after seeing some fellow mmu addict's way of storing their sample baggies, i decided to follow. i got myself some self-adhesive photo albums and came up with this idea: SEE HERE

but now i find it too bulky to bring when i need to do makeup outside my place. imagine me having to tote big albums of mmu sample baggies. i remember one time when i was on my way to the province. i was inside the bus when i dropped one of the albums. the bus conductor picked it up and maybe he was curious as to why i was holding it like my dear life. i almost laughed so hard when i saw his face when he started browsing thru the pages and see lots and lots of colored powder.

he returned it to me and said: "are those food coloring?"


anyways, i knew i had to find another way to store them and make it easier for me to bring them along. so i went to Shopwise to do some grocery and i found these:

so i grouped them according to shades and here they are:

i was able to fit in even the blushes, foundations and some finishing powders. looking at it, it's easier for me to bring them and like when i still have them in an album, it's easier for me to find the shades that i'll be using. when i first had them in an album, i've grouped them by brand...and i think it's way better to group them by shades.

now i am thinking of transferring back those i have in pots to sample baggies.


how about you? how do you store your samples?

please let us know...let's share the love, ladies...


AskMeWhats said...

hahaha SIS!! I have the exact same folder..the pink one!!! But I'm using it to "manage" my bills and finances. I got mine separated per credit card companies, banks , telecom companies, cable hahaha yes, I'm that organized!!!!

The story about the bus driver is funny, I would think you're an addict using "colored drugs" hahaha and I would look for a police to arrest you! hahha hmm..that's a great idea for storing sample baggies, how about medicine boxes? I mean those that are big and good for 1 months? I don't know if it spills..i saw at landmark kc they have those :) suggestion lang hehee

Carmen said...

is this food colouring?
hahah thats a great story!!

you have so many baggies!

rotten rainbows said...

food colouring? hahaha :)) you can use small pill boxes too you know. :)

Cristina said...

Hey sis :) I use business card holders. I think it was nikkiz who wrote about it on the mineral makeup blog.

Anonymous said...

i also use the same folder for organizing bills, receipts, etc. - same with sis Nikki. i really don't fancy baggies, i prefer jars so i don't have this problem haha. but i think your idea is neat. ;)

Unknown said...

hi sisters, i have tried those pill boxes to store my pigments but being a careless/lousy person that i am each time i open one i spill some of the pigments. and i need something that will help me see the actual shade easily. no need to open each box pa. though i saw one time they have white...pero mejo hindi pa din kita.

nikki buti ka pa organized. ako i hardly check lalo pa keep my billing statements. i just check how much and then tapos na sa garbage can. hahaha

hi carmen yeah i have lots..i have two more folders actually and a lot of those i've already transferred in pots. i got really addicted to sampling last year and early this year. and the meaning of sampling for me was to get most, if not all the shades! stupid me, huh!

hi rotten rainbows i might try that too some other time. maybe if i only need to bring some shades :) thanks!

yeah crissy i saw that nikkiz using business card holders. she's way more organized than me. heheh ako i just put in everything and have them grouped by shades

hi mhean that's what i get from too much sampling. i used to transfer them in pots pero i cant find time anymore. and the stackables where i put them are piling up beside my bed. messy messy

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